Arrested Development season 6? Is it going to happen or not? Read this!

Arrested Development Season 6
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Are you a big fan of David Cross and his incredible talent? Must you have watched Arrested Development? If not, then let me tell you it is worth watching. It is available on Disney plus. On the other hand, if you are well aware of the show, we are going to discuss “If Arrested Development season 6 is going to happen or not?” However, before discussing that, let us introduce the show and characters to the non-viewers.

Arrested Development: Introduction

Arrested development season 6
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Arrested Development is one of the most famous American sitcoms launched in 2003. Mitchell D. “Mitch” Hurwitz first created the show for three seasons only. The first episode aired on FOX on November 2. After that, the show continued to entertain the audience till its last episode on February 10, 2006. The concept of the show is an unstable household of Bluths struggling in their day-to-day lives. The format of the show is in the form of a continuous plot. It comes in the category of a serial with comedy genre. Catchphrases and Running Jokes are part of the show. The executive director of the show Ron Howard narrated the show for a long time. Moreover, he also acted as a fictional character in the show later. 

The prominent filming locations for the show were in Los Angeles’ Marina Del Rey, Culver City, and the coastal city, Newport Beach.

The serial became famous and won a Golden Globe Award and Primetime Emmy Awards six times. Also, the vast fan following made the show Cult classic. Moreover, the most outstanding American magazines like IGN, Time, and Entertainment Weekly announced Arrested Development as the evergreen TV show. In addition, many other comedy series like Community and 30 Rock got influenced by this series to a great extent.

Is Arrested development streaming on Netflix?

Arrested Development became famous for the first few seasons. It received lots of appreciation from the critics. However, Fox canceled the series in 2006 due to the minimum viewership and ratings. However, Netflix released the new season of Arrested Development in 2011. The series got renewed for season 5. In 2018, the first few episodes were released. After That, in 2019 March, the remaining seasons were aired on Netflix.

Ronald William Howard started working on the idea of this handheld-style camera series in 2002. He worked hard for the show. He made an elaborative and humorous script skill which was the result of multiple writing attempts and rehearsals.

Mitchell Hurwitz wrote the story of these “riches turned rags” sold it to the Fox. Mitchell created the characters of the show. Furthermore, the first member cast for the show was Alia Shawkat as Maeby Funke.

In the next section of the show, let us go ahead and discuss the plot and the main characters of the show. Also, we will get to know about “Arrested development season 6” and its making.

Arrested Development: Plot and Main Characters.

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The story focuses on a formerly wealthy family of Bluths who turned poor. However, instead of turning to rags, the family maintains their luxurious lifestyles and the challenges they face. Jason Bateman, aka Michael Bluth, is the leading character of the show. He is the show’s stock character who makes every possible attempt to keep his family united. He fights for the unity of his family, ignoring their mean natures, love of worldly things, and devious nature.

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Michael Bluth is a single parent and the father of a teenage boy Goerge. Michael Cera played the character of George Michale. He is the photocopy of his father and wants to walk in his father’s footsteps. George Michael has a crush on his cousin. He started liking Maeby, his cousin, after a prank kiss he got.

George Bluth Sr is the family’s senior figure and Michael’s father. Jeffrey Tambor played the character of George. George works in real estate and is a corrupt person. He got arrested at the beginning of the series. He was accused of stealing an exorbitant sum of money. Also, he was suspected of building houses illegally for Saddam Hussain in Iraq.  

Goerge is manipulative and likes to dominate his family even in prison. His story revolves around his efforts to seek justice.

Another ruthless, captious, manipulative, and control-freak character of the series is Lucille. Jessica Walter plays Lucille’s character. She tries to control her family members and consumes a severe amount of alcohol.

Byron Buster Bluth, Lucille’s youngest son dances on her orders. He is under the total control of her mother. Byron is a mother’s boy and often gets panic attacks.

To be continued…

Enjoying reading the article? Trust me, watching the series is much more entertaining! So, give it a try. Not now, Watch it later. There is much more to discuss. We will go ahead and discuss more the characters.

Will Arnett played the character of Michael’s elder brother George Oscar Bluth, the second aka Gob. Gob always sees Michael as his competitor. He is an unsuccessful magician whose plots and schemes usually go wrong. He often manipulates Buster.

Also, Portia De Rossi, aka Lindsay, is the strength of this show. She played the character of Lindsay, Michael’s twin sister. She is another materialistic, manipulative, and spoiled character. Lindsay is a popular social media figure who loves to draw people’s attention towards her. David Cross, aka Tobias Funke, played the husband of Lindsay. 

He is a psychiatrist who wants to become an actor. Being a doctor, he self-diagnosed himself of having “Never nude” phobia. Tobias is an ignorant guy showing homosexual characteristics.

Lindsay and Tobias together have a daughter Mae Maeby Funke. Alia Shawkat plays this character. Mae is a rebellious and aggressive teenager. Just like her mother, she likes to be the center of attraction. Due to this, she often disobeys her parents. Moreover, her relationship is complicated with George.

This is all about the main characters of the show. Now, it is time to shine a light on the summary of the arrested development. Season wise.

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Summary: Season1

The story begins with Michael’s father, George Bluth Sr. He is the head of the family and runs a successful business. George is the owner of Bluth Company which deals in real estate. Michael is a hard-working employee and i9s the manager of his father’s organization. However, he leaves the job after not getting promoted. After getting disappointment from work and business, he decides to leave the job and home but remains unsuccessful. This is because his father was arrested allegedly for fraudulent activities and illegal constructions.

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After that, George’s wife became the company’s new CEO. Also, she made her favorite son Baron the president of the company. This made Michael furious again, and he decided to join another rival company. But, he eventually realized that it is his responsibility to keep the family from splitting. Therefore, he insisted her sister and brother-in-law stay with the family. In the whole series, the family struggles to stay together. It is a combination of comedy, emotions, etc.

Summary: Season 2

Season 2 started in 2004 and lasted the following year. In this season, George Bluth Sr Michael’s father faked a heart attack to deceive the police. Due to this, he got out of jail. After getting this news, Michael wanted to relocate with his son to Arizona. However, he could not leave because of an ongoing investigation. Also, he was the one to go to prison as his father’s replacement.

On the other hand, Gob became the president of the Bluth Company under Lucile. But, all the responsibilities fall back to Michael eventually due to his incompetency. So, the rest of the season revolves around Michael working in the background for the company while Gob continues to enjoy his position.

Summary: Season 3

Season third of the series revolves around Michael’s search for his father. This is because he received an invitation to a reunion. However, the story takes an exciting turn and send the invitation to Gobby Eve Holt. Eve was Gob’s high school girlfriend, and she wants to reunite him with their son.

Season 4 of the Arrested Development canceled. Fox canceled the series due to low viewership. However, Netflix renewed the series after six years. In August 2012, Netflix released the Arrested Development’s fourth season with 15 episodes.

Again, in 2018, Netflix released season 6 of the series arrested Development consisting of 24 episodes. However, in 2018,Netflix released the first 16 episodes, and launched the rest in 2019.


Arrested development season 6

Now, back to the question: Arrested development season 6 is going to happen or not? Well, unfortunately, season 6 of the series is not going to happen. All the plans for shooting the new season seem impossible. So, despite getting a good response from the critics, the makers denied renewing Arrested Development for season 6.

One of the most significant talk shows invited the star of the show, David Cross. Moreover, he discussed various topics over the show and was asked why the show’s cancelled. Upon which, he mentioned poor management, late-night shoots lead to tension among the crew members.

This was the reason for the cancellation of the arrested development season 6. He also mentioned that they had to go through several ups and downs to shoot the previous seasons. Thus, that was another reason behind the cancellation of the popular series.


In this article, we discussed the Arrested Development season 6. According to David Cross, the series is not going to renew for the new season. Also, we got to know about the main characters of the show, George Bluth Sr., Michael Bluth, Maeby Funke, Tobias Funke, Lindsay Bluth Funke, Gob Bluth, Byron Bust Bluth, Lucille Bluth, and Ron Howard as the narrator. Also, Ron Howard is the executive producer of the show. In the end, I hope you like this article. Thank you for reading! Take care and be safe!