How To Remove Gum From Shoes: Top 12 Effective Techniques

how to remove gum from shoes
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There aren’t many worse experiences than realizing you walked in gum when you’re wearing your new favorite pair of sneakers outside. Even if privately criticizing the guy who deliberately dumped their gum on the street can give you little internal validation, it won’t do much to improve your shoes. Fortunately, there are ways to remove gum from shoes without causing harm or residue. In truth, there are numerous methods for removing gum from shoes that may be accomplished using basic household products. It’s not fun to step in a sticky, soiled chewing gum piece. Continue to read this article if you want to figure out how to remove gum from shoes using your household items. 

How to remove gum from shoes?

Rub Ice on The Gum

how to remove gum from shoes
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This technique works well since the gum becomes harder and becomes easier to remove when exposed to ice. According to the amount hours you have available, Ice gives a few possibilities. A single cube of ice applied to the area of concern for fifteen to twenty minutes might work if you’re in a hurry to loosen the gum. The better solution, though, is to place your shoe inside a plastic bag and push the plastic firmly on the gum.

Spread Peanut Butter Over the Area

how to remove gum from shoes
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Peanut butter works in the contrary manner to ice. Peanut butter weakens the sticky material rather than hardening the gum. It makes it simple to remove the gum mold. Put two heaping teaspoons of peanut paste on top of the gum to begin accomplishing this. It shouldn’t take over fifteen minutes to allow the gum to become malleable again. It should be simpler to scrape away as a result. You need peanut butter oils to remove gum from shoe soles because gum is resistant to water.

  • Put some creamy peanut butter over your shoe’s gum.
  • When cleaning off the peanut butter, give it ten minutes or more to dwell on your sole.
  • Scrape the peanut butter and chewing gum mixture from the footwear with a hard-bristled brush.
  • To prevent hurting your shoe, clean using the grooves and adhere to your shoe’s design.
  • To prevent discoloration, only employ this technique on non-absorbent surfaces.

WD-40 to Harden The Gum

how to remove gum from shoes
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WD-40 has become another unexpectedly valuable home product when people look for how to remove gum from shoes. Although you may picture the spray as something you put on an automobile cord, it is also useful for cleaning gum from shoes and hair. WD-40 additionally functions by hardening the gum. It will make the gum removal process easier for you. This freezing technique might be a more effective way to make the gum harder. You don’t need to hold a chilly ice cube or keep the footwear in the freezer while you wait for results. It is a combination of solvents and lubricants. It can be used in infinite ways to free objects that are stuck.

  • The solvent WD-40 should be sprayed over the chewing gum and the area surrounding it.
  • After that, give it a few minutes. It should slip off easily.
  • You should use a paper towel or rag to clean up the gum.
  • A second spray ought to eliminate any remaining gum stains on the shoe.

It is an easy-to-use treatment for removing gum from shoes. Additionally, after using WD-40 to remove gum from your shoes, be sure to wash and clean them. If the active chemicals remained on plastic and rubber-based materials, they could react with them.

Place It Inside the Refrigerator


Gum solidifies in the fridge, much like many other substances. Thus, one easy way to remove gum from shoes is to use a freezer. The shoe should first be placed inside a plastic bag. You certainly don’t want to track mud from your shoes into your fridge. Additionally, if your gum has anything to attach to, this method works much better. To ensure that the bubblegum sticks, compress a sealed bag across it. It is now prepared for the freezer. It ought to be adequately frozen after a couple of hours.

  • Taking it out and removing the gum from the shoe is all that’s left to do.
  • You likely removed it too soon if it did not work.
  • Reinstalling it and giving it more time ought to work.
  • Using a butter knife to scrape off the hardened gum is another option.
  • Press down forcefully on the gum with a supermarket plastic bag that has your shoe in it.
  • If your shoe is too large to fit inside a bag, try using a small snack bag or another sufficiently large bag to press on the gum.
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Use a Blow-Dryer for Softening

how to remove gum from shoes
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If something can be made hard by cold, it can also be made more soluble by heat. The shoe may be more effectively warmed with a heat gun but use caution not to melt or burn it. The gum should be heated first. Take a wooden spoon or bread knife. When the gum becomes softer and less sticky, begin scraping it off. Regularly check the gum’s firmness with the tool. To clean it up and get rid of any leftovers, use a paper towel.

  • When you want to learn how to remove gum from shoes using easy methods, use heat.
  • The gum will melt and become softer if you do this. It makes scraping and removal easier as a result.
  • A heat gun is a good tool for rapidly warming items.
  • Warm up the gum with a hairdryer on, and then use a scraper to remove it off the footwear as it melts.

Put Some Oil on The Soles of The Shoes

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What’s the connection between WD-40 and peanut butter? The substance is oil. What does this have to do with cleaning gum off your shoes? Chewing gum’s chewiness is derived from plastic or rubbery substances that include oils. As a result, a variety of oils may react with these substances and destroy the stickiness. Therefore, you may remove gum from your shoes with common cooking oil.

  • Using a cotton bud or cloth, apply it to the gum and let it sit for 10-15 mins.
  • After that, you can just wash it off.

Once more, the oil will discolor leather, suede, and textiles. Thus, avoid using it on footwear composed of those materials. If you apply it just on the sole, it’s okay, but you have to take care to prevent spills onto delicate surfaces. We suggest using vegetable or olive oil when attempting to remove gum from shoes with oil. Because oil stains fabrics, use it only on non-absorbent surfaces.

Using Dry Sand

Fortunately, you may get rid of the gum by using ground dust and dry sand. Sanding the gum is a natural approach to removing gum from shoe soles. Your shoe should first be taken off and placed with the gum pointing up. Then, cover the gum with a layer of sand. Then, use a piece of wood or other scraping tool to remove it. Continue scrubbing, adding sand, and combining it with the gum.

  • In addition to helping you brush it out, this is going to dry everything out. This approach might not work for everything.
  • When you go home, though, it will be considerably simpler and you may utilize various techniques.
  • The gum dries out more quickly with additional sand added, which makes it simpler to scrape off.
  • Sand will eliminate the majority of the gum even if it might not remove all traces, which will make removing the residue easier.

Apply the Versatile White Vinegar

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The acidic qualities of vinegar work wonders in loosening gum that has been lodged in the base of the shoe. Another method to lessen gum’s stickiness is to use white vinegar. Use a blunt object to remove the gum as thoroughly as you can immediately.

  • Combine one part vinegar with one part water.
  • Heat the mixture in a pan or oven until it melts slightly.
  • Now, take a fabric made of cotton or microfiber.
  • After dipping it into the mixture, begin massaging the gum stain off.
  • Allow the vinegar to adhere to the gum for about ten minutes before removing it.
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Continue after reapplying the solution if needed. You may get rid of the gum with a spatula if the sneakers have deep grooves. Create your shoe cleanser and use it to wash your shoes in warm, soapy water to get rid of any lingering gum stains and vinegar odor. With some leather uppers, this technique is safe. Apply to a separate section of the shoe’s material first to be sure.

Clean Gum from Shoes with Soap

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The only gum that sticks to your shoe when you tread on it is the issue. The remaining gum is readily removed by pulling or scraping. After removing most of the bubblegum as you can, wash the footwear without causing any damage to it using a solution designed for leather. 

  • Start by gently scraping away the extra residue with a buttery knife. 
  • To make a creamy lather and foaming, use a leather laundry detergent, such as saddle cleaner, and combine it with water. 
  • Apply the foam’s water to the gum discoloration using a gentle sponge. Rub some more to get rid of any leftover gum. 
  • To prevent discoloration, wipe the footwear with a damp towel before using a conditioning product for leather. Pour saddle lotion on a sponge or rag and lather it up. 
  • Rub the remaining gum in all directions. The gum will begin to peel off gradually but steadily.

For sturdy leather footwear, this works best. Saddle soap is incompatible with soft textiles, suede, and exotic materials.

Use a Fingernail Polish Solvent to Break Down Chewing Gum

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Nail paint remover is easily obtained and purchased in supermarkets and discount stores. Acetone, an essential component of polish remover, dissolves polish and facilitates easy wiping and cleaning of nails, making nail polish removal easier.

  • When using nail paint remover, dab the gum with an old napkin or paper towel, then let it sit for a few moments before wiping it away.
  • Gum breaks down when you rub it with a rag, and as you do so, you will observe the gum falling out of the sole of your shoe.

Because nail polish eraser has a strong smell, only use it in an area with adequate ventilation. The chemical effectively breaks down the gum’s adhesive polymers. Once you do, removing the gum from the shoe outsole will be simple. 

Remove with An Alcoholic Solution

how to remove gum from shoes
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All you need to get gum out of your shoe is some alcoholic fluid at home. A lighter alcoholic fluid has a significant potential for combustion. It is applicable to dilute oils for commercial use and to remove paint from lighters or homes. The product’s chemical composition makes it indispensable for gum dissolution.

Apply it with a towel to your shoe’s gums. Wipe the gum repeatedly until the liquid dissolves. Remove the remainder with a wipe. Never use the chemical indoors without adequate ventilation or outdoors due to its volatile nature. Use caution when using footwear that has a lacquer or dissolving bottom surface.

Using Compressor Air to Freeze

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Warm chewing gum becomes the most sticky. Cold surfaces easily remove sugars and monomers from leather and other materials. People must know that gum loses its ability to attach to surfaces when it dries out when trying to learn how to remove gum from shoes. It can take some time for the chewing gum from the sneaker sole to dry off. Eliminate the gum from your shoe by freezing it.

  • Compressed air can help with this. It remains cold because of the high pressure inside it.
  • It will be simpler to remove the gum if you apply a small amount to the affected area.
  • Compressed air bottles are widely available in stores as workplace amenities for clearing particles and dust from keypads and PCs.
  • When sprayed, the pressurized air inside the canister instantly cools.

Use the included straw to concentrate on the sticky substance on the sole of your footwear. Wipe the sole of the footwear by removing the dried gum with a dull blade or spatula.

Final words

It is vital to learn how to remove gum from shoes. You will inevitably walk on someone else’s improperly disposed-of gum wad. The gum presses more firmly into the shoe’s ridges the longer it remains on the sole. The gum on the footwear looks weird. It is uncomfortable regardless of how it got there. Apply the methods mentioned in this article to securely remove the chewed gum from your shoes. If the gum has set, you might begin by using a plastic or wooden tool to scrape it off. It is better to take care of it instantly if you walk on fresh chewing gum and spot it straight away.


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