How to Buy Essential Oils: The Basics Explained

essential oils

While spending on home improvements is up by 3% among American households, it doesn’t cost a lot to buy essential oils. Whether you’re looking to improve health and wellness or make your space smell great, essential oils have you covered. But what do you need to consider before buying them?

Read on to learn the basics about buying essential oils!

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are concentrated liquids derived from plants. The scent or essence of the plant is central to the resulting liquid. And the result is a compound that can smell delightful and rejuvenate your spirit.

Plant leaves, bark, or seeds can serve as the source of these oils. Typically, a steam distillation process is used to pull the oil from the source. The oil is then bottled and can be purchased in health stores or online.

Consider How to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils can be a central part of an aromatherapy routine. Whether misted into the air or applied directly to the skin, you stand to benefit from the comforting scent! Even sniffing a scent directly from the bottle can settle your mood.

Add a few drops of oil to water in an essential oil diffuser. Then turn on the machine and a delicate mist will release the scent of anything from rose or sage into the air. As another option, consider adding a few drops to your body cleanser or shampoo.

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Identify the Best Essential Oils

Not all essential oils are alike in terms of quality. Fortunately, there are some ways to narrow down the options and weed out impure products. And you can click this link to find some of the top premium essential oils!

Don’t be fooled by sites or brands that advertise perfume oils or pure oils. These are distinct from essential oils and may not be pure.

Some sellers may claim that their products meet certain guidelines assigned by the government or industry. Be wary of these claims! No governmental guidelines exist for essential oils, and there is no industry standard.

Look for oils that are sold in dark-colored glasses to prevent light pollution. Look at expiration dates and customer ratings. And if the oil seems too cheap, it probably is!

Explore Different Types of Essential Oils

When it comes to essential oil options, there’s no shortage. Lavender is a popular choice for the calming effects of the scent. If you struggle to get a good night of sleep or relax, this is a solid go-to choice!

Other enjoyable scents include peppermint, lemon, and frankincense. And don’t forget about tea tree, chamomile, and eucalyptus. You could even get inventive and add a drop or two of different scents to create something more unique.

Buy Essential Oils for Your Home

When you buy essential oils, it’s wise to consider how you’ll use them — and which scents you prefer. Research different types of essential oils to learn about the aromatherapy benefits of each one. And before you buy a set, be sure you’ve vetted the quality of the manufacturer.

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