Angel Reese Net Worth: Stardom and Growth of Fortune


Angel Reese is a well-known American basketball player who hails from the USA. Angel Reese is a second-year student. She finished off her incredible season by winning the National Collegiate Athletic Association Women’s Basketball Tournament. During the championship, the player became a major asset for the Louisiana State University Tigers. She showed no signs of stopping. As the curtain fell on a thrilling championship game, Reese emerged as a key contributor to her squad. Her performance was not quite up to par, but it was still sufficient to earn her the championship. Angel Reese won her school’s first national title. The Bayou Barbie keeps racking up victories. Angel Reese, a standout for the LSU Tigers football team 

Recently, she has got interviewed for a Sports Podcast. Reese claims that her salary is higher than what is offered to players in her league who have the potential to become stars. The sport of basketball runs in Reese’s blood. Her mother and father also played college football when they were younger. Julian, her sibling, is a current player at the University of Maryland. The question of “Angel Reese Net Worth” pops up often in online searches. Let’s go deeper for more information.

Angel Reese’s Stardom

The press has been all about her courageous play in the 2023 NCAA title game versus the Iowa Hawkeyes. According to The New York Times, a staggering 9.9 million people watched the women’s collegiate basketball game. This figure sets a new record for viewership. Her fame has justifiably skyrocketed since then. She’ll earn more money and get more endorsement agreements after a win like this. In the future, we anticipate that she will bring in further deals. In addition to her other talents, she is also an accomplished entrepreneur. Every young fan of hers loves to see her in action, both on the basketball court and in the business world as she signs sponsorship agreements. Reese’s basketball career will go far because of her skill and dedication. There is every reason to believe that Angel Reese net worth will continue to grow in the years to come.

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Among the several awards conferred on Reese this season, this was the “Most Outstanding Player” of the competition. In school, she stood out as a top-tier prospect. The two recent seasons confirmed that there was some truth to the buzz. She has already established herself as a media darling, a worldwide social media phenomenon, and a women’s NCAA basketball superstar, in addition to having a fantastic playing career. The moniker “Bayou Barbie” isn’t only for when Reese’s on the court. No other lady can compare to her in terms of utter awe and wonder. She has a soft spot in her heart for the shade of pink. Her pre-game ritual usually includes having her hair and fingernails groomed. According to what she observed, the client’s name does play a significant role in the situation. More than 2.2 million people follow her on Instagram, and she has 3.4 million followers on Twitter. She calls herself Bayou Barbie on her Instagram profile.

Angel Reese Net Worth in 2023

Angel Reese is a basketball legend who has signed many NIL deals. After winning the championship, the LSU standout had other offers for her. What is the portion of Angel Reese net worth through NIL deals? In the year 2023, Reese will have earned earnings equivalent to approximately one million US dollars. Angel has signed NIL deals with major corporations, including Amazon, Xfinity Telecom, McDonald’s, and Coach. The player has amassed a substantial fortune as a result. As a result of her success in the March Madness event, she may expect to gain roughly 875,000 USD from NIL this year. The numbers keep rising alarmingly. As of recently, Reese holds the sixth spot on the list of the most highly compensated women’s collegiate basketball stars in the entire history of Division I. Because of her enormous number of followers across all online and digital platforms, she is estimated to earn more than USD 2500 for each sponsored brand post she creates. Angel Reese’s exceptional personality and phenomenal athleticism, whether inside or outside the basketball court, have put her on the fast track to success.

Angel Reese Net Worth: Through NIL deals

Angel Reese has signed 17 NIL deals, per sources close to the player. It includes brands like Coach, Wingstop, Merch on Demand, and Sparkling Ice. Although Reese hasn’t signed with any sneaker label as of yet, her NIL deals are already earning the star a fortune. Now, she is the sixth-highest-earning women’s basketball player at NIL, with a revenue of $392,000. As per her agent, Jeanine Ogbonnaya, Reese currently partners in 17 NIL deals. The deals add significantly to Angel Reese Net Worth. The LSU star partnered with Coach in August 2022 and has been their brand ambassador ever since. Her partnerships with supermarket chain Giant Food and restaurant group Wingstop are also among her top NIL deals. Reese has also signed with telecommunications company Xfinity and tax preparation software TurboTax. Her partnerships with Sparkling Ice, McDonald’s, and Outback Steakhouse also contribute to her NIL earnings. The idea that one should be unapologetically one’s authentic self is what occupies, motivates, and energizes one. She is making strides for women in athletics by standing up for what she thinks is right. She is empowering the youth of today to speak out and make an impact.

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Angel Reese Net Worth.

Angel Reese Net Worth: considering new brand endorsements

According to the star, her net worth from sponsorship agreements and other sources might exceed her WNBA salary. Recently, she and the podcast “Outta Pocket” exchanged words. The conversation explains a lot about Angel Reese Net Worth. Angel claims that her potential earnings as a sophomore far outweigh those in the WNBA. Consequently, she will think about that. The basketball player believes that not all financial success is worthy of praise. Reese stresses that even if the payment is high, she won’t commit to a product she doesn’t think she’ll ever wear. She won’t sign up for it or make a post if she doesn’t care about it. She went on to explain that being genuine with her online audience was essential to her. The star gave hints that she will be honest with any deals she signs in the future. 

Final words

Reese has emerged as a major player at the collegiate level. Reese’s proficiency is almost unsurpassed. American NCAA basketball is the major source of Angel Reese Net Worth. She may also be making a comfortable living from her many side ventures and sponsorship deals. A lot of people are looking forward to seeing their favorite player in the WNBA. Angel, meanwhile, won’t be draft-eligible until 2024. It seems that unless Reese decides to pursue a basketball career professionally, she is going to increase her wealth via NIL agreements.

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