How to Live Without a Car

Live Without Car

More and more, people are choosing to live without a car. While opting out of owning a vehicle might be unthinkable for some, other people are making the switch to alternative modes of transportation.  If you find yourself rethinking car ownership, read on about how and why you might be able to successfully live without a car.

Some Reasons People Live Without a Car

The reasons for not having a car are many and varied.  Some people forgo owning a vehicle for personal reasons, while others are forced to give up driving due to disabilities or legal troubles.  Here are a few reasons not to have a car and why some people are electing to drop out of the driving scene altogether.

Environmental Reasons:  Some people opt out of driving because they want to reduce their carbon footprint and help the environment. According to the EPA, 4.6 tons of carbon emissions are released into the environment from passenger vehicles every year.  These toxic emissions, also known as greenhouse gasses, are considered the culprit of global warming and environmental pollution. In light of these disturbing facts, many people are “going green” by going without a car.

Prohibitive Reasons:  In some cases, the choice to live without a car isn’t a choice at all.  To explain, some people have lost the privilege to drive due to illegal activity or causing accidents on the road.  There are also people who have physical disabilities or impairments that prevent them from getting behind the wheel.  Then there are still other individuals who have a mental aversion to driving, and their fears of getting on the road prohibit them from owning a car.

Budget Concerns: One of the biggest reasons people are staying out of the driver’s seat is because of money.  While consumers can negotiate when buying a car to lower the price, for many people the cost is still out of their budget.  Buying a used car may also be a cheaper option, but these cars carry the risk of mechanical failures which require a load of cash to repair.  There are ways to inexpensively own a car, but for many people, the price to drive a personal vehicle is simply too high.

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Limited Need:  Now more than ever, living without a car is an attainable reality.  Modern technology has afforded employees and business owners to work from home, thus eliminating the need to commute to work.  Additionally, home shipping options offered by online marketplaces like Amazon make it easy to have most supplies delivered directly to the home.  Today, there are also personal shopping services available where, for a fee, someone will collect and deliver groceries.  Even the majority of restaurants now offer courier services and meal deliveries.  In light of all these conveniences, some people realize a car simply isn’t needed.  

Alternative Transportation Ideas

If you find yourself without a car you might also discover that sometimes transportation is a necessity.  Thankfully, there are alternatives to owning a car in these situations.  Here are a few solutions to consider if you don’t have a vehicle, but you still need transportation.

Carpool:  You might be surprised to learn that very often someone else with a car is driving to the same location you need to be.  There are even carpool websites available online where you can find a group or an individual going to your destination.  This is an economical solution that may be a perfect alternative to owning a car.

Public Transportation: If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area with public transportation, then this option makes it easy to get around without a car.  Subways, trains, and buses are all examples of public transportation. If you choose to travel by one of these methods, be sure to take notes about different routes and time schedules so you don’t miss your ride. Once you have the timelines down, you may find public transportation an economical alternative to owning a car.

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Taxis and Ride-Hailing:  This certainly isn’t the least expensive option, but if you’re in a jam and have to be somewhere, calling a cab might be your best choice.  There are also ride-hailing services such as Uber or Lift that can get you to your destination for a fee.

Going Pedestrian:  Walking, jogging, or bicycling are all ideal options for getting around without a car especially if you live in a city.  Transportation by foot or bicycle is good for your health, good for the environment and it’s absolutely free.  However, if you live in a rural area, this probably isn’t the most viable solution.

Micromobility:  This isn’t always the most practical mode of transportation, but it might be something to consider. Micromobility is a term that describes lightweight, transportation devices such as segways, motorized bicycles, or scooters.  These clearly won’t work if you have a load of luggage or a ton of shopping bags, but a segway or scooter is perfect for short jaunts around town.

Other Alternatives to Driving a Car

If none of the above-mentioned solutions work for you, consider asking for a ride.  Friends, family members, or neighbors might be perfectly happy to give you a lift to where you need to go.  In the event no one is available, consider looking on local online community boards such as Craigslist where people offer ride-sharing services. At the end of the day, there is always a way to get around without owning a vehicle.  Hopefully, these tips inspire you to rethink how to work, play and live without a car. 




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