Different career options in law

Reasons Use A Criminal Lawyer

Law is a vast field that incorporates many subcategories. If you want to continue your studies in law, you must have an aptitude for its process. Law is a professional degree that involves many important steps and a person with no interest in this field might find it a very trivial task to do. Let’s see the different career options in law.

Importance of law

Law is responsible for maintaining the law and order situation in the country. It ensures that peace prevails and the criminals and troublemakers are held accountable for their actions. Law brings every citizen and official on a single benchmark and develops a sense of equality among the people. A layman often has an impression of law being a limit or a boundary to their enjoyment and freedom. But the law in reality is a way to coin your rights and facilities.

There are different law-related careers and before entering this field, you should be well aware of your goal and direction. You should focus on the field you want to choose as a major and invest your time and practice in it.

Below mentioned are some important types and branches of law that should be understood before choosing a law career.


Paralegals act as an assistant for the lawyer or attorney. They are also law students but are usually fresher or students of law and become paralegals to practice on real cases and work in a professional environment to learn how the professional law world works.


A lawyer is someone who can counsel you on your problem and give you honest legal advice according to your needs. Lawyers work in law firms and can also go for private practice.


An attorney is an upgraded version of a lawyer. They can do everything a lawyer can do such as counseling etc. but other than that, they also represent and defend the case in public courts.


Counsels are not a part of a proper law firm but they can be appointed by their respective company or organization to represent their case.


A judge decides the verdict of cases in courts. They are elected by other officials and must decide the proceedings without being biased and based upon the laws of the country.

Branches of law

Bankruptcy lawyer

A bankruptcy lawyer helps plead your case and gets flexibility for loans and deadlines. In this case, mostly your clients will be organizations. Though individual clients are also found often, bankruptcy is more common in business organizations especially in the past period of the coronavirus which has affected many businesses. In the same way, when businesses go bankrupt, they do not have anything to move on with and are usually stuck in debts and deals.

In this case, a professional lawyer will help them to get flexibility for their payments and get compensation if possible.

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Domestic violence lawyer

Domestic violence is one of the most important fields of law as it determines the peace of society. If people are not safe at home, the community will fail to be at peace.

Such criminals must be held accountable as they do not stop after abusing one person. If they act like that with one individual, there is a chance of them acting in the same way for anyone that comes under their power. Therefore, to ensure other people’s safety violence lawyers must defend the oppressor to make sure that there are no troublemakers left out.

Immigration lawyer

This kind of lawyer deals with the immigration and visa problems of people. Many times visas get rejected without reason or with a reason but still, the person needs to go abroad. In this situation, many people go for filing a case so that a legal person can defend them.

This is a crucial thing for businessmen. If they do not get the visa approved for some reason, their international meetings, deals, and clients might get affected which will result in loss. Also, these lawyers help people to move their business abroad. If you need to shift your workspace and all your assets abroad, it is a trivial task to do by yourself. An immigration lawyer can help ease out the process and handle all the paperwork.

License defense lawyer

These lawyers are responsible for helping you through the process of defending your license when it is threatened. There can be various reasons that your license seems endangered such as a malpractice incident, disciplinary issues, or suspension based on any reason.

License lawyer makes sure that your license remains valid and defends your case with strong reasons and proof. It is not a trivial task to find such lawyers these days. If you feel as if you are not getting much reach as a private individual lawyer, you can go for an online platform where people can recognize and take benefit from your skills.

San Diego License Defense Lawyer and many other such firms are present online to make it easy for people to speak up about their problem by saving the time and cost of travel. Some of these online platforms also provide a free consultation so that the client gets satisfied and opens up about his issue.

Criminal lawyer

Criminal law is a very important field of law that deals with criminals. A criminal lawyer can defend a criminal and fight for his freedom. Criminals hire lawyers in many cases, either when they are wrongly accused or want relaxation in their punishment or whatsoever the reason may be but criminal defense lawyer usually deals with criminals.

Many times, people hire such a lawyer so that he can defend their case and make their stance stronger in front of the judge by picking the minute details as evidence and other useful data. Usually, these cases end up with reduced punishment. Even some death sentences are converted to prison sentences if the lawyer wins the case.

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Family lawyer

A family lawyer deals with family matters of people. Out of all, most cases belong to the divorce category. In this case, if both partners are filing a case, then they hire separate lawyers and then those lawyers consult with their clients and put forth their conditions, and fight the case.

This lawyer is also responsible for the division of assets among the partners based on their shares or evidence. In such cases, if the couple had children, mothers usually file a case for child custody and child support from both the father and the government. Government offers many such facilities for orphan children and children having such parental issues.

Adoption is also one of the types of cases filed under this lawyer. The adoption process does not always require legal help and court hearings, but in some cases, hiring a legal person for all the paperwork and other steps involved becomes inevitable.

Military lawyer

This lawyer deals with cases related to the military. The military never wants its issues to be rolled out in public therefore, special military lawyers are hired who do not practice in the civil courts, but defend their cases in the military courts which are specially developed for military purposes. Usually, these courts are located within the military area.

As obvious, the clients of military lawyers are military people themselves. Numerous times, they are retired officials who want to file a case for pension issues or other problems they face after retirement. If a case includes civilians, then they are permitted to attend the military courts but the case is never taken to civil courts.

Property lawyer

Property lawyer deals with the issues related to property. These issues might include fraud, illegal possession, or property disputes. In some cases, when people are changing the status of their property, i.e, they are selling it or buying an asset or if they are mortgaging a property, they might need some legal advice and help from professionals. In such cases, property lawyers are a big help.

Also, if a person dies or even while alive, if he wants to pass on his property to his heirs and complete the process of property inheritance, he cannot carry out the process by himself. These cases are also dealt with by property lawyers.   

Environmental lawyer

The environmental lawyer deals with the issues of the natural environment and natural life. Many problems that are solved by such lawyer includes industrial malpractice, like throwing waste into rivers or polluting the air. This field was made a bit later than others because the environment was not a problem till before the advancement of science. When industries came into being and certain harmful substances are being made, then there was a need to have the people accountable for the harm they are causing to the environment.


There are many diverse fields and careers in the category of law. Law is a great career choice to opt and serve the nation by charging the troublemakers. But before stepping into the field, make sure you know all about its paths and the one which you want to choose.