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All You Want To Know About Bail Bonds

All You Want To Know About Bail Bonds

A bail bond is a specific amount of money an individual has to pay to get the defendant out of a jail. This amount is decided within 48 hours of the arrest. When you will register a bail only then a defendant is allowed to leave the jail provided that he has fulfilled the set conditions. In this article, you will get to know all you want to know about bail bonds.

A defendant leaves the jail only after fulfilling few conditions. Leaving the jail after registering a bail becomes necessary because when someone commits a criminal offense, if he is smart enough he would continue to stay there unless his attorney suggests getting him out of jail. In contrary to that if an innocent person has been accused of a crime falsely and he is got arrested, the situation becomes panic for him. That person would want to get out of jail. So the bails are arranged to make a way out to protect that innocent from facing any bad consequences.

This article will help you through ten main points you must know before getting bails to let anyone out of a jail.

Different type of bonds

There are mainly two types of bail bonds:

  1. Cash
  2. Surety

A cash bond as it is obvious from its name that you have to pay the cash in full amount. Such type of bond is very costly because when the police arrest someone there is no availability of a lawyer on the defendant’s part. Therefore, to get someone out of jail immediately, you would have to bargain over the set amount of the bail bond.

The second type is ‘surety bond’ which is somewhat different and comes into action when someone commits or is guilty of a severe crime like law-breaking criminal acts. The surety bonds are also expensive because they require an inclusion of a third party or person such as bondsman or a lawyer.

Violation of bond conditions isn’t good!

When you are applying for a bail, you must go through the conditions of the bail and must stick to the legal rules and regulations set here in. If you failed to adhere to the rules, your defendant might face a tough situation. For example; if the court has ordered you to appear in the court on some future date, you must follow whatever has been ordered by the court. Bear in mind that you can’t go against the law before the final sentence. And if you broke any of the rules, the court may order to put your defendant to jail. So, it is not a good idea to violate the law because it can bring sever results. 

 Surety or guarantee is important

Bear in mind that every state has different rules and regulations related to bails. If you are having the full amount of bond available to pay but don’t have the required asset to put forward the bail, it won’t be granted to you at all. We can put it this way that anything in terms of asset that is worth a lot amount of money, can be acceptable in surety. If you have committed a serious crime, you can present any of your real estate property against that crime. Not only this, you can present your bank cards, precious jewelry, vehicles, or stock shares too. People would put at stake every valuable asset they have to get themselves free from the unpleasant consequences of the crime.

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Get brief information before getting a bail bond

Before you decide to apply for bail, you must have complete knowledge about bail bonds. The important details should be at your fingertips like the person’s full name, booking number, the actual amount of bail, and the reason for the arrest. That means that if you have got the paperwork signed for a bail bond, you won’t be held accountable if your defendant turns aggressive and doesn’t appear in court. You should go through Orange County Bail Bond to get an in-depth idea of how bail bonds work. The lack of proper information might lead to creating even bigger problems for the other individual.

Guarantors have different rates

There are different price tags attached to the guarantors. The bail percentages are set according to place where you live. If you are taking a guarantor from a bonds company, they might take 10% of the bail amount. If your sixth sense is telling you that your selected bail bond company is taking more than they are supposed to take then you should contact the other company which offers a competitive bond rates. Well, this might involve a random market search to find out a competitive market bond rate.

Understand the dynamics involved in bail bonds process

Since bail bond is going to lend a lot of help in your case, you must have pretty good idea of how to find the best one for you. You must know how much investment is involves in the entire process of bail bonds. It will help you take a well-thought decision because once you have decided to get registered for a bail bond; the bondsman will also help you in getting your amount recovered. So make sure you select a good bondsman. Your entire bail will depend on his working as he will write a date to make sure that you will attend the court according to mentioned dates. However if you refused to attend the court, the bondsman will have to pay the full amount as a penalty of your act.

Major factors which influence the bailing amounts

 Every state has different bailing amounts. Different crimes have different bail amounts. The severity of the crime defines the amount of bails.  If the judge feels that your bail amount is too less as compared to your crime then he might make an increase in the amount right away. And if the person is habitual in committing crimes, he will most likely pay more bailing amount. 

You may not get your money back!

When people apply for a bail, most of them think that whether they will get the amount back or not. When you engage a bail bond company for help, you might not get your money back because most probably you are paying them their service fee. However, if you opt to deposit a cash bond, you might get a bit part of cash back. And if you are heading for a surety bond, you wouldn’t be returned the cash at all. The unpleasant reality is that most part of your paid amount being deposited directly goes to carry out the court proceedings which include your fines, defender’s fee as well as the court expense.

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Subsidized bail amounts

If you think that your defender has been highly charged of bail amount, you can take legal help and can always go for negotiations.  Only a good attorney can help in such regard. Your attorney will put efforts to make sure that you get a good amount of money at end of final sentence. In some cases if your defender has no previous track of committing criminal offenses, the judge might decrease your bail amount. Your attorney may present arguments to ensure the presiding judge that you will attend the court on promised dates. So, choosing the right attorney is a must. If your attorney fails to present arguments in your favor, the judge may decide to increase the bail amount.

“There are no free luncheons in business”

This proverb stands so true. The most important point you need to understand is that you are never going to get a free bail. Small or big, you have to pay the price of your crime. Next time you think of committing a crime, be well aware if its repercussions too. There are people who take such offenses as peanuts, but this might put them in big troubles in the long run. It is myth that hounds that bails can be availed free. There is no such bail available today. Every wrong doing has a cost involved. At the end of the day you would have to pay the cost of your misdeeds whether they are small or big.

Strengths and weakness of bail bonds

Up till now you must have gained pretty sound knowledge of bail bonds but you must know about the strengths and weakness of bail bonds. The core benefit of bail bonds is that we get time to plan our case ahead and assemble proofs which go in our favor and we feel calm after coming out of jail. On the other hand, its disadvantage is that whatever we pay in bail bonds, the amount is non-refundable and we have no confirmation about the defendant who may walkout from court anytime he wants. That seems a bit risky. Even if you have succeeded to find an expert attorney for your help the, he can’t give you the guarantee of your defender’s behavior.  The chances are 50/50 in this game.

In a nutshell

You must choose the right person for this job. The world is flooded with Santa Ana bail bonds bonds man so use your wisdom while selecting a guarantor. Make sure he has the best of abilities, past work experience, and a positive attitude. You can also find them online by seeing their profiles and going through their testimonies and client-based reviews. So be mindful while deciding to choose one for you.




  1. Thanks for the reminder that the severity of a crime is also important to consider when it comes to bail bonds. I’d like to find a good bail bondsman soon because my cousin recently got arrested. It would be best to look for a fast way to get her out as soon as possible.


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