Best Tips To Start A Conclusion

way to start a conclusion

Imagine if every person who is on one of your articles cannot pull their eyes away from the screen. Isn’t it great if they read your article from start to finish? The answer is yes, but to achieve this goal, one must be so creative to start the article so that the reader Hook from the start and reverberates it in the mind long after she stops reading. Scroll and know the best way to start a conclusion 


Writing a perfect article takes a long time. Strong beginnings lead to strong endings. The most important part of every article is the conclusion as they wrap up the story and tell the reader that you have reached the endpoint. As the conclusion is the last chance to leave a good impression on the reader, you must tie all the ideas together to have a clear image of the article. If you are scratching your head for how to start the conclusion, dear friend, you are not alone! Don’t worry; you’ll learn how to begin a conclusion here and have an everlasting impact on the reader’s mind. 

Tips on How To Start A Conclusion That Leaves A Lasting Impact

Before that, you must know what’s the point of the conclusion and why it is so important? The conclusion is the part that ties up loose ends. Your conclusion has to surprise the readers and make them indulge in the article. If you are writing the most amazing article and don’t wrap up most effectively, that means your article is incomplete. Here, we have jotted the best tips on how to start the conclusion for better clarity. 

Restate the Article’s Thesis

The main focus of every article is on the focal point of the piece. It should clearly state why did you write it? Or what things are trying to clear in the article. It can be of two sentences or a large paragraph, but your idea should be clear in the conclusion so that the readers can come across it. Well, many readers catch up from start to end, so you can’t miss the beautiful endings. Don’t bore your readers with the long paragraphs, let’s keep it short and simple. You can also refer to some of the high ranked articles and end up by adding some curiosity. 

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The heading is the main component.

It might sound boring if you state that it’s a conclusion and give a direct and straightforward impact on the complete article. It is the best way to tell the readers that you have reached the end of the article. But your heading must be so creative that it attracts the viewers to stay on that particular page. It would help if you had not played with the words, it must be straight and no guessing games. Honestly, if you state what you mean, it will gain loyal followers in the long run.


The conclusion must be Sweet and short.

Whenever we jump to a conclusion, we never waste it in big paragraphs. The best strategy to involve the reader’s interest is to create a style for your blog and write a desirable length. However, conclusions represent the whole article, so the length varies from 50 to 250 words. Please stick to the point and wrap up before it’s overstayed for the readers.

Stop using Photographs and Graphics.

Have you ever noticed lots of images in blogs? Yes, these are the images that engage the readers and attract them to read further. But it would help if you kept in mind that images don’t belong to the conclusion because there is nothing else to read further. 

Instead, you can focus on the text. Illustrate the article by telling the reader what they have gained from the complete article.

You need to restate the article’s main points.

In conclusion, go back to the article and pick the important points that you want to highlight and summarize that important information in a unique way so that readers’ flow doesn’t stop. You need to cover up all the sub-points and create a structure for your article. Well, you don’t need to go in-depth, hit the points, and make your article more engaging.

Let your conclusion explains everything.

Well, you have written the article. Is it worth the time of the readers? It would be best if you are very clear about the information as it will link the things with the viewer’s information. Moreover, the readers are not going to do until they are not told. So the conclusion should be crisp and clear. Further, they require a helping hand.

Add Insightful Question

You need to formulate a question that lets readers leave a comment and help them participate in the conversation. This will help engage the readers in the article, and you can know the other perspective of the article. Most importantly, your article should inspire the community. With this, people will share their experiences and views, making the content more engaging and on-point. In fact, people will start thinking about their journeys, accomplishments, and other things.

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The crispy Challenge in the end (Best Way To Start A Conclusion)

Considering challenges, in conclusion, helps the audience to take them on to reach a specific milestone. Everyone loves challenges, encouraging the readers by giving the challenge that can even benefit them.

Hit a pain point

Here, pain doesn’t mean to hurt them physically but metaphorically. A great opportunity for the writers to attack all the pain points by adding the struggles you are facing. Tell the struggle and give a solution to it. This will connect you directly with the reader. By this, readers will find that you are helping them out and will encourage them.

Invite a predator to go in a different direction

The conclusion is the ending point that will give the reader something new to think about. There is no best way to write; everyone is creative in one or the other way. Write a powerful ending to your article and involve all the readers without losing the powers.

Be real (Best Way To Start A Conclusion)

The final verdict is the part where your readers are going to relate their lives with that. If you finish your article in a complicated way, it can trouble the reader, and people will respond negatively. So try simply keeping your article to help them breathe at the end.

Point the future (Best Way To Start A Conclusion)


If you have landed here, you might be thinking about starting the conclusion; the best one is to place your reader in the future mentally. It is one of the easy ways to indulge your viewers. This will add a new way of thinking and will make a revisit to your publication.

Make it Engaging with a quote.

You can also add a supportive quote that motivated the person to use them properly but doesn’t violate copyright.

Suggest further reading

Sometimes, you have a lot more to share, but you can’t because of the word limit. But here, you can offer further resources that help readers to continue the learning and get information in every aspect.

How Not To Start The Conclusion?

  • It’s imperative to know what you should not do before starting the conclusion. Here is the list of don’t do below:
  •  Never use the transition words at the starting of the paragraph; instead, use them in the body. 
  • You should not add new evidence in conclusion.
  • Make sure your paragraphs are not too short nor too long. Your conclusion must depend on the length of the article.
  • The conclusion is never the repeat of your introduction.

Proper Format On How To Start The Conclusion?

  1. Restate the topic sentence.
  2. Summarize the content and connect to the audience.
  3. A unique closing sentence.

Conclusions are one of the hardest things while writing. You need to round off everything nicely with the best impression of your article that gives a lasting impact on the readers. This will bring back the viewers on the same page. Well, I hope this article will leave you with a feeling of excitement. Start thinking about a new topic and prove your point in one article.