Top 5 Must-Read Poker Books In 2020

Poker Books In 2020

Poker enthusiasts keep on honing their game skills to out beat their opponents and leave an unforgettable impression with their advanced strategies. From reading poker books to joining the online training sites, they leave no stone unturned to take their skills to new levels. Many poker players who are also avid readers tend to invest in various Poker Books In 2020 to get access to the strategies that are often not discussed in the poker game online lexicon.

But you have to be very aware while choosing a Poker Books In 2020 for yourself. With some great books by top poker mavens, an equal amount of trash also coexists. You need to do your research to find out which one is worthy of your time and money.

The poker books range from players’ psychology to advanced strategies for cash games and tournaments. You need to figure out the best one for yourself. Let’s just talk about the top poker books that every poker enthusiast must read to ace their skills.

Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments: This is one of the most effective poker books written by Jonathan Little, an experienced professional player, and coach. This poker book is meant to provide knowledge and skill of beating the small stakes tournaments to the poker players. Players can learn from the experience of Jonathan and enhance their game with his excellent advice on how to analyze the rivals, spot their patterns, and use their strategies against them. He has successfully listed the categories of players and shared advanced strategies to outperform each category. The strategies are described simply to make it easier for the players to understand.

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Poker Workbook: Math & Preflop: This masterpiece is written by James Sweeney where he has jotted down all his years of experience of practicing and teaching poker. By reading this book, you will learn to see situations at the poker table from a different perspective that will help you to excel in the game. In addition to this, the book comprises various exercises to polish your math and preflop and make you become an excellent poker player.

Exploitative Play In Live Poker: Written by Alexander Fitzgerald, this book teaches you how to exploit your opponents and outperform them at the competitive green tables. As the name suggests, you will learn how to exploit 80% of players and gain an edge over them. Alexander, a celebrated professional poker player, also offers a lot of training videos that you can watch to learn more about his poker concepts and gameplay.

Excelling At No-Limit Hold’em: This book is meant to provide you some in-depth strategies to excel at No-Limit Holdem. The best part is that in this book, you will find a variety of advice from many celebrated and experienced poker players such as Jonathan Little, Phil Hellmuth, Olivier Busquet, and much more. All these players have wonderfully explained all the strategies and poker related information in an easy to understand way so that players can improve their game without much hassle.

Every Hand Revealed: Written by Gus Hansen, this book is like a guide to getting into the mind of Gus Hansen himself. The book will teach you how to take calculated risks, analyse poker hands, and adopt an aggressive strategy. You will learn the right time to bluff, call, raise, and more. The best part of this book is that apart from sharing his experience, Hansen has highlighted his mistakes. The book is recommended for good and advanced poker players who are in the hunt for different and advanced strategies.

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These are the top Poker Books In 2020 for those players who are serious about improving their game and ready to invest their precious time to grasp the information.