The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Well-Traveled

the Well-Traveled

Gift guides often start with the question, “What do you get for someone who has everything?” In this guide, we’re going to ask a different question: What do you get for someone who has been everywhere and is the Well-Traveled?

Many people love to travel, but most of us don’t follow through on that desire. Some people, however, make travel a top priority and have been all over the world. Finding the right gifts for these folks may seem challenging, but the truth is their passion gives you a perfect starting point.

Let’s take a look at excellent gifts for those who love to travel or is the the Well-Traveled.

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Smartphone Camera Lenses

We all use our smartphones to take pictures, but we’re stuck with the camera that comes with our phones. Travelers want to take photographs to document their adventures, but carrying an expensive camera is cumbersome and dangerous.

Instead, give your friend the gift of a smartphone lens set. These lenses can provide wide-angle shots, different levels of zoom, macro photos, and more.

A Subscription of Treats from Around the World

Subscription boxes are incredibly popular as gifts, and frequent travelers will love one that has an international flair. Why not get a monthly subscription of coffee, tea, or snacks from a variety of countries?

Your friends will love trying these exotic products, and it might even help them decide where they want to travel next!

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Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Frequent travelers spend a lot of time on airplanes, and it can be hard to relax during travel. A carry-on cocktail kit can be exactly what your friends need. The kits create a tasty cocktail with just a quick purchase of alcohol from the flight attendants.

Most kits create more than one drink, but they meet the TSA requirements of containing less than 100mL of liquid. Cheers to more travel in the new year!

A Scratch-Off or Pin Travel Map

Frequent travelers love to talk about where they’ve been. Give them the perfect talking points by gifting them a map where they can track their travels. These maps can be hung on the wall, and each destination can be scratched off with a coin to reveal a beautiful pattern or pinned with a fun flag or activity-based pin.

For travelers with specific goals, like visiting every state in the U.S. or every country in Europe, this kind of map can track their progress and keep them excited about their next destination. When they are driving to their destinations, tell them to check out great discounted car rates at Freeway Insurance.

A Tile Mate for Loss Prevention

Travelers always run the risk of losing their luggage or misplacing something important. A Tile Mate can put those worries to rest by ensuring that important items can be tracked and found. Attach the tile to an important item or stick it inside luggage. Your smartphone can track the location of the tile and cause it to ring to locate your belongings.

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Peace of mind is an incredible gift, and the Tile Mate can go a long way toward providing it.

Get Great Gifts for Travelers

Buying a gift for people who are the Well-Traveled isn’t hard. On the contrary, their passion for travel makes travel-related gifts perfect for their needs. Give one of these options as a present at the next opportunity!

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