Steps to Repairing Car Frame Damage

Repairing Car

Did you know that 20-50 million people get in car accidents every year and suffer injuries? If you damaged your car frame and want to learn about the repairing car process, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over the car frame damage steps to take.

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What Damage Occurred?

Before beginning any work, you’ll need to figure out the damage done to your frame. If you were in a severe accident, you should bring it to a professional.

Sometimes, it might not be worth fixing your vehicle, and you might want to get rid of your vehicle. Search up “junk my car” and find a local junkyard.

If you bring the vehicle to a technician, they will look at your vehicle and figure out what damage occurred. The technician uses this information to create an estimate for the work to fix the frame.

Not all damage will get seen during the initial inspection. Sometimes, hidden damage will get uncovered when the technician disassembles the vehicle.

Disassemble the Vehicle

During a disassembly process, the mechanic will prepare your vehicle for repair. At this stage, the mechanic can find some hidden damages.

Hidden damages mean the insurance company will have to re-inspect the car and order new parts.

Structural Repairs Get Done

Structural damage from the vehicle crash will need to get repaired first. The mechanic will analyze your vehicle’s frame and figure out how to fix the car.

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If the damage wasn’t bad, you might be able to fix the problem on your own.

Body Repair Work

The technicians will have to replace exterior panels and the metal finishing. Some mechanics install and align the sheet metal before the vehicle heads to the paint department.

Paint the Vehicle

During the refinishing process, paint preparation’s an essential step.

The paint specialist will prepare the panels, prime, and then they will paint. Finally, the technician will seal the job to make sure the product lasts.

Reassemble Your Vehicle

During the reassembly stages, detail pieces and final moldings get put back on the car. The vehicle’s system will also get checked. The car will almost be ready to get delivered to the owner again at this point.


At the detailing stage, the vehicle will have to get cleaned in a thorough manner. The cleaning will get rid of dirt and dust.

The vehicle will have to get road-tested. This way, you can make sure everything works well before a final inspection.

At the final inspection, the car will need to get restored to its pre-accident condition.

If your vehicle underwent severe damage, you’d want to work with a professional.

Now You Know More About Car Frame Damage

We hope this guide on car frame damage was helpful. Now that you know about the steps to repair car frame damage get a decent technician. The technician will be able to bring your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

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