Car Care 101: The Beginners Guide On Maintaining Your Car

Car Care

Did you know that cars should have a lifetime that is at least 200,000 miles or more?

As long as a vehicle is properly cared for and isn’t a part of a major crash, it should be a reliable method of transportation.

If you just got a new car or want to make your current one last, there are a few things that you will need to take care of.

Continue reading to discover some of the best car care tips for beginners so that you can look like a pro!

Get the Oil Changed

The most important car care tip that you should follow is to get regular oil changes.

For a long time, people recommended that you get an oil change every 3,000 miles. This number, however, has changed. Most professionals have you come back for an oil change after driving 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Next oils, like full-synthetic, last much longer than old oil mixes.

If you don’t add up miles that often, make sure you get your oil changed every 6 months to a year. Going more than a year without new oil can lead to car performance issues and dirty oil.

Check Your Tires

There are a couple of things that you will want to maintain when it comes to your tires.

The first focus that you should have on your vehicle is the tread on the tires. Many people recommend doing the penny test to see if you need replacements. Place a penny into the grooves of your tire. If you can see Lincoln’s entire head, you need to replace them immediately.

Not having enough tread on your tires can make driving dangerous, especially in snow and rain. To help keep the tread even on all of your tires, get them rotated every so often.

Another factor to monitor with your car is the tire pressure. The tire pressure is what helps identify if you have proper inflation or need to add more air. Depending on the type of vehicle and tires you have, you may require a certain pressure level.

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Check your vehicle’s maintenance book or follow directions that come up on your dashboard.

Keep Things Clean

If you want to learn how to maintain your car, you should always consider the cleanliness of your vehicle.

Getting car detailing services can help save you time and frustration if messes occur. Not only will a car detailer vacuum out your vehicle, but they will also condition leather, clean seats, and get the grime out.

Not only should you keep the inside of your vehicle clean, but also the outside. Getting frequent car washes can prevent dirt from building up and chemicals eating away at materials. Washing your car will help bring back the sparkly shine and it’s even better if you add a protective coating!

Monitor the Engine

Car maintenance goes far beyond what is visible at first sight. The engine is the power supply of the entire vehicle and should always be taken care of.

Many people ignore their engine until they have a red alert pop up on their dashboard. If you see this light come on, take it seriously, and get your engine checked by a professional. Ignoring the check engine light could put you in a dangerous situation.

If the light hasn’t come on but you are noticing a loss of power, decrease in mileage, or weird noises, get it checked out. Some of these issues could bypass your engine light and cause even more damage.

Test Your Lights

Driving around without all of your lights working could put you at risk for an accident or a ticket from the police.

If you want to maintain your vehicle you should check your lights every so often. The front and brake lights are often the most important. You should also ensure that your turning blinkers and inside lights are working.

Any burnt-out or broken bulbs should be replaced. Not having proper lighting can make it hard to see at night and can put people around you at risk. Make sure that you are always seen while driving around.

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Think About the Windshield

If you just got a new car and want it to feel new for a long time, you will need to think about your windshield.

By replacing your windshield wipers with the standard factory ones, you can improve performance and have a better view. Updated wipers make a big difference in the snow and rain and can help keep you safe at all times.

Another aspect of the windshield that you should consider is the washer fluids. By maintaining washer fluid in your vehicle, you will always have access to a clean windshield. Depending on the type of fluid that you get, it can also help prevent rain from sticking or frost.

Many people recommend getting RainX washer fluid or applying it directly to the windshield. This will help the water bead off of your windshield so that you and your wipers don’t have to work as hard.

Change Out Filters

Filters are often overlooked when working on car maintenance, but they are just as important as the engine.

There are three filters for a vehicle that requires regular replacement. The engine air filter helps keep the engine free of dust and debris. You should also replace the cabin air filter, which helps keep external pollutants from entering the vehicle.

The oil filter also needs to be replaced when you get oil changes. Whether you are doing the oil change yourself or having a professional get the job done, always check the status of this filter.

Follow These Car Care Tips

Getting a car is typically a large investment that everyone has to make. That is unless they use public transportation.

Part of getting a car is maintaining it so that it can drive safely on the road. By utilizing the car care tips in this guide, you can keep your car looking and driving brand new.

If you want to get your money’s worth, follow these tips and drive safely on the road at all times.

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