Most Unusual ABT Modified Cars

Modified Cars

Volkswagen is the second-largest manufacturer of vehicles in the world. It incorporates some of the famous brands including Audi, Lamborghini, and Bentley. Even after being so successful ABT Sportline, a German-based tuner company, has built an image of itself for taking everything from Volkswagen and making everything a lot better.

The company was founded in 1896 and has since achieved some great success in modifying cars. Its motorsports division won five championship titles in the DTM series and became the official Audi factory in 2004. 

Want to read more? If you are looking for some of the most unusual yet coolest modifications from ABT, then you might want to keep reading. Here are some of the upgrades that will blow your mind.

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Lamborghini Urus

The car is Lamborghini’s fastest-selling model to date. This car is possibly the most sold car of the company. The car is one of the most successful builds of Lamborghini and yet ABT went ahead and modified it to give you more.

The ABT Sportline bumps up the performance and aggression of this vehicle to a whole new level. The base variant of the Urus comes with a 650 hp engine, which is plenty for most people. However, ABT wanted more and they delivered. They used a proprietary in-house custom ECU with Urus’s otherwise stock 4-liter twin-turbo v8 and managed to output a whopping 710 hp, making this vehicle a beast.


The car was manufactured by Audi. Audi’s RS6 can be considered one of the fastest on the planet. The vehicle is capable of reaching 60 mph or 100 kph in under four seconds. The car gets this kind of power from its 600 HP TFSi powertrain. If you are thinking that there’s no way this can be upgraded, you should reconsider everything you know.

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ABT didn’t just modify its customary bolt-on kit, but they also went ahead and designed, fettled, and engineered the RS6-R entirely in-house. Under the hood, they gave the car an ABT’s power R upgrade. They went ahead with Audi’s 4-litre turbocharged V8 which is capable of producing 740 hp.

Volkswagen Arteon R

Big sedans from Volkswagen are certainly some of the best-built cars in this class. However, they are not able to attract as much audience as the cars offered by BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. Well, that is, if you don’t count the ABT’s Arteon R package.

The modification doesn’t have flashy changes like some of the other cars but its subtlety is what makes it stand out from the rest. ABT changed the exterior with 20-inch alloys and nothing else. On the other hand, under the hood ABT gave it a power upgrade with a 2-litre TSI engine sporting a modified control producing 364 hp. ABT has also promised more power upgrades in the future.

ABT has given car enthusiasts modifications that don’t seem possible. With cars like Seat Leon Cupra and ABT RSQ8-R, they have achieved something that is on another level. If you were raised in a car-obsessed environment, you’d want to keep an eye out for future modifications, maybe they’d deliver something that you were always looking out for in a car.