Tips for the Best Marine Speaker System for Your Boat

marine speaker system

Is there anything more relaxing than hitting the water on your boat and spending a fun, carefree day on the waves? You can lay back, relax, spend some time with family and friends, and enjoy the sunshine. You can enhance the mood further by providing some great music–but to do that, you’ll need a good speaker system. A marine speaker system might not be the first thing that comes to mind when customizing your boat, but there’s no denying that the ability to listen to music and podcasts can make your time on the water more fun.

There’s a lot to consider before buying a marine sound system; you’ll want to get something that provides great audio while also being a good match for your style and budget.

Keep reading to learn five factors you need to consider when buying marine speakers.

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1. Mounting Style

Do you want your speakers to be flush-mounted, or do you prefer box speakers? Both styles have benefits: flush-mounted speakers take up less space, but box speakers tend to sound better.

If you want powerful sound that doesn’t take up too much space, DS18 marine towers are a good choice–their simple clamp mounting mechanism keeps them out of your way without sacrificing volume.

2. Water Resistance

You may be thinking, “Isn’t every boat sound system water-resistant?” You might be surprised–even though a speaker may be designed for use on a boat, it might not have the level of water resistance you want.

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Water-resistance is often measured by an IPX rating–the rating a product has denotes how much water it can endure.

3. Protection From Corrosion

It’s important to remember that your boat speaker system isn’t just dealing with water–it’s dealing with saltwater. Saltwater is highly corrosive, so make sure the boat speakers you buy have some anti-corrosion features.

4. Sound Quality

A speaker lives and dies by its sound quality–no one wants to spend their money and time on speakers that don’t sound good! Review the specs of your speaker and, if possible, test a product before you buy it.

Remember, the mounting and installation can also affect sound quality. Poorly installed flush-mounted speakers will have noticeably reduced audio quality.

5. Bluetooth and Other Features

There are a host of features you might want out of your marine sound system. Bluetooth is often a must-have, allowing you to play tracks from your smartphone through your speakers with ease.

You may also want USB or other ports so that you can hook up different devices to the speaker; satellite radio is another oft-requested feature of boat sound systems.

Find the Perfect Marine Speaker System

Buying the right marine speaker system can have a huge impact on your boating experience. Whether you want to create a fun atmosphere with upbeat music or listen to podcasts while you cruise, you need boat speakers.

It’s incredible how far technology has come; advanced sound systems are only one of the many high-tech accessories you can get for your boat. Visit our technology blog to find more ways to customize your boat!