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Love Island USA Couples Still Together: Life Outside The Show

Love Island USA Couples Still Together: Life Outside The Show
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Love-struck couples have been seen on Love Island USA across each series. The spouses have now stated that they intend to keep their relationship going outside of the home. The show centers on single people looking for love as they live in an exotic property and carry out duties. Additionally, they must look for true love in the villa while doing tasks. The advantage in winning the game will go to these couples. Additionally, a cash prize of one hundred thousand dollars is awarded to the pair that survives the test of seduction and loyalty to win the competition. The mansion has already seen five seasons of Island residents since the TV series hopped over in 2019. Are the Love Island USA couples still together? This article will highlight the stories of couples who remain in love and have a good time together.

Relationship status: Are the Love Island USA couples still together?

Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada

love island usa couples still together
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Day 2 of the show saw the union of Kyra and Will. They stood by one another the rest of the year. As a result, everyone was shocked when rumors of a breakup circulated in November 2021. Kyra revealed that the couple split up just a little over a month after the final episode of Love Island aired after clicking on the show.

Kyra said that she was overcoming her heartbreak. Thankfully, Will returned fourteen weeks later to mend Kyra’s broken heart. In 2022, they seemed to renew their romance. It happened when they both arrived for a news conference. Will and his partner wore the same brand of clothing. They had a crush on one another. They were all grins, and they were so adorable and kind to each other. 

Life outside Love Island USA

They have a combined Instagram page now. There, people may go through their international adventures. Many admirers speculated that Will’s questionable behavior while traveling to Mexico with his companions played a role in their breakup. Nothing, though, was ever confirmed. But Kyra and Will managed to resolve the issue. In June 2022, they resumed their romance. According to the pictures and videos they share on their personal Instagram profiles of their relationship, they appear to be a happy couple.

On social networking sites, they continue to follow one another. The duo posted to each other heartfelt remarks on the comments made by one another. However, their journey on Love Island didn’t end there. Kyra and Will’s love story continued beyond the villa. This love island USA couples still together and decided to pursue a committed relationship.

Aimee Flores and Wes Ogsbury

love island usa couples still together
credit: Monsters and Critics

On day 12, Wes entered the show as a new single. Wes and Aimee were having a great deal of spark together, which was evident right away. In the end, they were both wiped out from the competition. Aimee and Wes continued to date outside the resort, though. They seemed very happy and appear to be very content. But in a surprise plot turn, Aimee stopped following Wes recently on Instagram. Her online profile no longer contained any of his pictures. Aimee is back to following Wes on Instagram after a brief period of not doing so. Some admirers believe that Aimee decided to delete Wes from her Instagram because of a miscommunication. When the situation was resolved, she later changed her mind.

Life outside Love Island USA

Since being kicked off the island, the couple has maintained their relationship. They started a joint YouTube account. On Instagram, they routinely share photos from their summertime excursions. On Instagram, Aimee posted a picture of the couple snuggling in July. According to the stars, she had another wonderful day with her beloved Wes. Since leaving Villa, this couple has maintained their momentum. They have also already had face-to-face contact with the parents. Aimee said on their accounts on Instagram from 2021 that the pair spent the prior night hanging out with Wes’ family.

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Fans still support the couple despite their challenges. This couple doesn’t seem to be slowing down, whether they’re endorsing different businesses, modeling together, or attending red-carpet events. Wes and Aimee demonstrated that they’re an exception to what happens on Love Island USA, where nearly all couples depart from their romantic relationships.

Shannon Clair and Josh Goldstein

love island usa couples still togetherlove island usa couples still togetherlove island usa couples still together
credit: Us Weekly

Both Josh and Shannon continue to be powerful. Shannon returned to Massachusetts to visit Josh’s relatives. The couple kept posting photos of their evenings together on Facebook and Instagram. Josh and Shannon’s romance has been extremely up and down. They originally connected on Season 3 of Love Island USA, where they instantly won over viewers. During their appearance on the television series, Josh even proposed to Shannon. But when Josh was forced to leave the program owing to the terrible loss of his sister, their story underwent a devastating swing. Throughout this trying time, Shannon supported him. She demonstrated her affection and compassion.

Life outside Love Island USA

After the show, they spent the 2021 Christmas season with each other. Early in 2022, they relocated to Florida. But they decided to separate ways by June last year. They attributed their relationship problems in large part to timing. Their love tale didn’t end there, though. When they surprisingly announced they were rekindling their love affair twelve weeks after they parted ways, everyone was intrigued.

There have been challenges and opportunities throughout their trip. They have kept posting about their exploits on social media. This suggests that even in 2023, their feelings for one another could continue to be deep. lately, they haven’t shared many photos of each other online. In October last year, the pair announced their reconciliation.

Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell

credit: IMDb

These two participants fell in love during their participation. By continuing to be a couple after the recording devices ended rolling, they have overcome all odds. Those who saw Love Island America’s fourth season are acquainted with Sydney Paight. During the fourth installment of Love Island USA, Sydney & Isaiah came into contact. There, a quick link developed between them. Couples happen to meet in a lavish mansion on Love Island. The lovers vied for romance and an honorarium.

Finding enduring friendships is seldom simple, though. The program turns into a miniature world of feelings, difficulties, and stressful circumstances. During their stay in the reality television series, Sydney-Isaiah had a good deal of highs and lows. Sydney frequently sobs because of Isaiah’s actions. They were able to through the unstable conditions of the island of Love notwithstanding these difficulties. They eventually became a solid relationship.

Life outside Love Island USA

Their connection was rocky throughout their journey in the show. Isaiah’s focus was frequently split between Sydney and his quest to discover new singles. But the pair shocked us all by persevering. Sydney and her bae even advanced to the finale as deserving runners-up. They appear to have shocked us one more based on the fact that they are still together.

They are the most well-known fourth-season Love Island USA duo that is among the Love Island USA couples still together. The duo currently reside in different states. They have demonstrated the viability of distant connections. The two frequently post photos and story posts on Instagram of their rendezvous in Florida and Los Angeles along with sentimental notes. Maybe, being away from Sydney made Isaiah love her more.

Hannah Wright and Marco Donatelli

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On day three of Love Island, when Hannah arrived at the house, Marco and Hannah bonded nearly right away. Hannah is a Californian native who hails from Palm Springs. She matched the description of her type that Marco had given to the other males in the villa. He was therefore shocked to see her. With Hannah, Marco responded right away. She was more restrained, though. Hannah and Marco decided to be married after only a few days of dating. Marco turned out to have a quick start.

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Hannah was curious to get to know someone who was so enthralled by her. Together, the couple overcame obstacles and tournaments. However, they had a strong connection. The couple demonstrated that they could manage difficulties in the connection between them. Marco and Hannah’s journey on Love Island USA may have ended, but their story is far from over. They have proven that love knows no boundaries and that the foundation they built in the villa will continue to shape their future for the better.

Life outside Love Island USA

The Love Island USA house served as the home for Marco and Hannah for an exciting and transformative six weeks. As the Season-5 finalists, they had their fair share of challenges, particularly with the American voting system. However, their dedication and chemistry shone through. Eventually, they emerged as the deserving finalists. In a generous gesture, Marco decided to share half of the monetary award with Hannah. Thus, showcasing not only his love for her but also his selflessness.

After bidding farewell to the other islanders, they took the crucial step of introducing each other to their families. They solidify their connection and set the foundation for a future together. Although distance now separates them, the bond they formed during their time on the romantic island will undoubtedly prove invaluable. The challenges they overcame, the memories they created, and the love they nurtured throughout their stay will serve as a guiding light in navigating the obstacles of a long-distance relationship.

Carmen Kocourek and Kenzo Nudo

credit: Cosmopolitan

This Love Island USA pair connected on an almost immediate basis. It raised questions about whether the pair was already dating before appearing on the program. On day 10, Kenzo came and immediately took an interest in Carmen. Carmen, according to Kenzo, was his typical type. After meeting at the resort, Carmen and Kenzo became close right away.

Fans believed the two had previously met since he was from the same Arizonan city, however. They seemed to go to the same fitness center for their workouts. According to Kenzo’s brother, before the program, Kenzo had never met Carmen. Furthermore, he was no longer visiting the fitness center months prior. It’s untrue that they were said to have been dating before the television show Love Island premiered. Nevertheless, their journeys have resulted in some of the most unforgettable and sensational TV moments of the entire season. 

Life outside Love Island USA

Amidst the twists and turns of the show’s dramatic plotlines, some participants have managed to stand out by finding love. These distinctive competitors have experienced the ups and downs of love on the island. The most loved couple continued to be dating even though they came in fourth in the championship match on August 27th. Together, they left Fiji and came back to Los Angeles.

Kenzo posted a photo of Carmen giving him a warm embrace. Outside of the show and camera, they kept fostering their connection after the program. They share snippets of their life on Instagram. The fans learn how they were able to keep in touch. As a reality TV pair, they had to cope with the demands of celebrity and public scrutiny.

Final words

Love Island USA’s journey to fame and success has been nothing short of extraordinary. Since its captivating debut on our television screens in 2019, it has continued to rise in popularity year after year, captivating the hearts and minds of viewers everywhere. Fans who are searching “Are the love island USA couples still together?”, now have their answer. However, despite the seemingly content couples that grace the Love Island USA stage, it is interesting to note that the majority of the show’s finalists did not remain paired for a considerable amount of time. Through five years of conflict, passion, and the ever-popular commentary, Love Island USA’s pairs have transformed into reality show icons and beloved stars, leaving an indelible mark on the world of television entertainment.

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