Is Terraria Cross-platform game? Read this article to know more!

is terraria cross platform?
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Ever played Terraria? Is Terraria cross-platform? Terraria gained immense popularity over the last few years. Players are very fond of this action-adventure genre video game. Re-Logic is an Indiana based developing and publishing company. Re-Logic developed this 2D sandbox game in 2011. It has sold millions of copies already. It consists of single-player as well as multiplayer mode.

Moreover, this game focuses on providing a 2D atmosphere. It helps the players to explore, craft, combat and paint the creatures desirably. Also, Terraria is one of the limited games with good overall ratings. Initially, the game was available for Microsoft Windows only. However, the main question that we ask is: Is Terraria open for cross-platform or not? Let us read the full article to know more about this sand game.

Is Terraria cross-platform yet or not?

is terraria cross platform
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As I mentioned above, Terraria was initially suitable to play on Microsoft Windows. Furthermore, Terraria has a huge fan-base. Re-Logic decided to release the game on other devices too. Thus, Terraria is now available to entertain you on multiple digital platforms like mobile phones, gaming consoles, PCs, Playstation, iOS, Nintendo Switch etc.

However, the most asked or searched question over the Internet is: Are terraria cross-platform or not? Let us find out the answer to this! Shall we?

Let me give you a quick idea about “What is Cross-platform?”

Cross-Platform is a type of software. Cross-platform is capable of running smoothly on each digital platform.

Back to the elephant in the room! The answer to the “is terraria cross-platform or not?” is No. Though, the developers have implemented the game to run successfully on various digital platforms.

But, due to some loopholes, Players are unable to practice cross-platform.

Now! you must be wondering Why? What are the challenges behind this?

Let us discuss them one by one in our section of the article.

Challenges faced by terraria while running on Cross-platform:-

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  1. Sometimes, the players like to use different platforms to play the game. Especially during the multiplayer mode. It is not likely that both the users are playing using the same types of digital platform. For example, it is possible that one of the players is running the game on PC  and the other player is just playing using a Mobile phone. Now, this type of cross-platform gaming requires a subtle and smooth gaming application. It should be able to launch smoothly on any software. However, it is observed over time that Terraria runs better over PC than Mobile phones. This is the most common and basic challenge users usually face.
  2. Terraria is an ideal game to run over the Xbox series than PS vita. This is because Terraria is an advanced gaming application. It makes the use of controllers and buttons at its best. Thus, due to the lack of switches and controllers in PS Vita. It is not an ideal choice to cross-platform this gaming application.
  3. Terraria needs a platform that can function and control its software at a quick pace. However, due to the small screen size and higher resolution; running this game application on various platforms is not possible. As a result, you end up spending lots of money on other accessories.
  4. Due to the lack of buttons used in the game, on-screen device control is not possible.
  5. As of now, crossplay is possible between iOS and Android devices only. However, It is not possible to crossplay on other digital platforms. This is due to the design complexity of the game.
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Is Terraria cross-platform possible among PC and Nintendo Switch?

Well, as of now, it is not possible to crossplay Nintendo Switch and PC. The developers face many challenges due to the different features, specifications, hardware and software differences.

However, there is still a debate about whether the developers are working on updating the game or not.

Also, it is not easy to make the crossplay possible for this gaming series. It has its challenges. Moreover, order to make the game available for crossplay requires lots of time and effort. However, if crossplay becomes possible among different devices, it would undoubtedly be a bigfoot towards success and wealth, taking the game’s popularity under consideration.

Can we crossplay Xbox One and PS4?

To date, it is not possible to transfer the gaming application among different consoles. Big organisations like Microsoft and Sony do not want to let the gaming applications work on their digital devices. Thus, it has become impossible for terraria developers to update their games on various platforms. For the advancement of the game, it is equally essential that the companies must agree to it.

Thus, if you are purchasing the game on PS4, you will not play it over Xbox. However, you may play the game on another PS4. But there are certain conditions to that: Good internet connection. Should be friends in Terraria( You only get a chance to play with the persons included in the friend’s list.)

Another most asked question:- Is PC and Xbox crossplay a thing?

The crossplay possibility of this action-adventure game is very minimal. Unfortunately, cross playing PC and Xbox is not a thing. Let me inform you that the game can be played successfully on each platform separately. However, it is not possible to establish a gaming console to run the game. Fortunately for the Xbox users, there is a slight possibility that the game will become compatible for crossplay, as per the developers. The new update version would solve all the problems related to compatibility.

Is PS4 and PC crossplay possible? Check out this section of the article.

 Well, for starters, the developers’ focus was running the game mainly on a single console. Therefore, the crossplay at that time was out of topic. If the developers made the game available for crossplay, the answer to this question would be yes! Thus, it is not worth having high hopes. Maybe there is clear explanation behind that. Maybe the developers wanted to explore the game’s performance on each platform differently. Therefore, if you wish to play the game on each platform separately, you need to purchase the application for each platform separately.

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iOS and Android: Is Terraria cross-platform possible between these devices?

For iOS and Android users, it is good news! You can crossplay the game on both devices. You need to purchase the game for each device separately. Moreover, you can buy the gaming application on either of the devices and enjoy it on the other(only for iOS and Android users).

PS4 and PS5 compatible for crossplay?

Yes is the answer to the above-asked question. Now, you can crossplay the game on either of the devices. In addition, Terraria is available to crossplay for the entire PlayStation series.

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Quick question: Is crossplay possible on PC and Mobile?

Terraria has been ruling the hearts of users for over ten years now. Lucky for the PC and Mobile users! It is possible to crossplay the terraria on various android and iOS devices like Windows, Tablets, MacBooks and different android and iOS mobile phones. However, it would be best to remember that you should connect each of the devices using a similar internet connection. So make sure that internet speed is favorable. Then, you are good to go!

I hope by now, we are clear with the article’s topic and got the answer to the question “Is Terraria cross-platform?”

I hope we are on the same page! if I use the term Cross-platform for Terraria. Cross playing the game refers to the capability of the game to run on different platforms. Therefore, a device should be crossplay capable for the smooth functioning of the game.

For example, if someone is playing the game using their Sony PlayStation and wishes to play with another player. In that case, the player should access their Sony credentials using any digital devices like iPads, consoles, PlayStations, etc.

Terraria is not considered a cross-platform. It has some design limitations. You can connect multiple Computers on different servers and compete with outstanding players worldwide. However, it is not possible to set up this type of connection using Playstation. There are certain limitations to running the game using a specific digital device.

However, the game’s popularity is proof that if Terraria were a cross-platform, it would have earned billions of dollars by 2021. Furthermore, if there would be any update for enabling the crossplay worldwide, this will invite millions of fans which, of course, will be beneficial for the business.


I hope you like this article. By now, you would have got a clearcut answer to the most asked question: Is Terraria cross-platform? Let us make a quick revision about what we have learned so far. We learned that crossplay is possible on iOS and Android devices like PC and mobiles to some extent. Also, It is possible to crossplay the game on PS4 and PS5. But, it is not possible to crossplay the game using PC and PS4, PC and PlayStation, PC and Xbox etc. Now, I am going to end this article. I hope it was worth reading. Thank you for your time, and take care!


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