Is It Okay to Recycle Social Media Posts? (The Answer Is Yes)

Recycle Social Media Posts

Can you recycle social media posts? Many business owners fear sounding repetitive to their audiences. They worry about their audiences getting sick of seeing the same content. This blog will tell you that Is It Okay to Recycle Social Media Posts. 

Your audience wants great content, even if they have seen it multiple times. People watch re-runs of their favorite TV shows and often forget what they consume.

According to psychologists, we have over 6,000 thoughts per day. If we see a social media post at the start of the day, we’ll likely forget about it by the end of the day.

Our attention spans and daily thoughts aren’t the only reasons to recycle content. When done correctly, recycling social media posts can grow your business. Let’s explore why this strategy works and practical ways to incorporate it.

Showcase Your Best Content More Often

Recycling social media posts allows your audience to see your best content continuously. If one of your opt-in pages performs well, make it a consistent part of your social media posting schedule. 

High-performing opt-in pages grow your email list. Businesses see outsized ROIs through email marketing. Social media is a great resource to grow your email list, but only if you continue sharing your top opt-in page.

Businesses look at metrics such as engagement and clicks to assess performance. Recycling your top-performing content will help with engagement and clicks. Some people will see it for the first time, while others will treat it as an entertaining re-run.

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Repurpose Your Content Across Other Platforms

Repurposing content gives you more mileage out of your existing content. Not all of your blog readers browse through your Instagram feed. You can repurpose existing content for Instagram to reach both audiences.

Spending too much time posting on social media gives you less time to engage with prospects. Repurposing old ideas across multiple platforms enables efficient communicate across several platforms.

Staying Active Just Got Easier

Maintaining a social media posting calendar takes considerable work. Planning out weekly themes and consistently producing new content takes time. 

Recycling your old social media posts keeps you in front of your audience with less work. If you post daily content and publish old pieces three times per week, you only need new content four days per week.

Recycling content gives you breathing room to think of better content ideas. Without a library of social media posts, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and rush an idea. This work ethic rarely leads to quality work. 

Staying active on social media is vital for building brand awareness. Don’t make it harder on yourself by ignoring your past content.

Are You Ready to Recycle Your Social Media Posts?

Recycling your social media posts will build awareness and boost engagement. Some businesses fear sounding bland. However, some followers will see it for the first time, while others will welcome a returning post.

Are you recycling social media posts for your strategy? What works for your social media marketing? Let us know in the comments below.