How to Find a Comedian For Your Next Party

Find a Comedian

Comedy is the one thing that can bring a group together.  Although there’s nothing as exciting as a party, the one way you can kick it up a notch is to invite or find a comedian that knows what they’re doing!  

Hiring a comedian is an easy choice: but how do you make sure you’ve nabbed the right one?  This is how to hire the right comedian or Find a Comedian  for your next event.

Consider What Type of Comedian You Want

What type of comedy will work best for your audience?  Are the people attending the kind that would love this comedian’s act?  Are they into adult humor or clean humor?  Is politics off-limits, or are you looking for a comedian who can create laughter between party lines?

The comedian you hire can drastically change how people perceive the party and how they talk about it in the following months and years.

Seek Help Through Word of Mouth

Ask others in your daily life if they’ve seen any local comedians doing a great set.  This could mean someone they saw at a local comedy club, or it could be a comedian they saw on social media that happens to be from the area.  Try to gather as many names as you can, and then research these comedians to find out what their rates are and how available they’d be for your next event.

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Reviews Videos and Ask for References to Find a Comedian

When hiring a professional like Tony Baker, you may be able to hire from the name alone, but it’s a good idea to ask for references and videos from comedians whose acts you aren’t familiar with.  Getting to watch their acts, especially if it’s in front of a live audience, will give you the opportunity to see their stage presence and understand whether or not they’ll be a good fit for your needs.

Ask for references to find out how previous clients of theirs felt about their performance.  Although it would be great if they performed just as awesomely every time: if they have a history of getting inebriated before a performance, that’s something you have to know.

Consider Your Budget and Event Size

The larger your budget, the bigger the comedian you can afford.  This is important as the size of your event grows because if there are far more people you want to invest in entertainment, that will seem worth it.  Beyond this, if a comedian is newer and still cutting their teeth, you don’t want to be the guinea pig trying to see if your event is the big one that will help them realize if comedy is or isn’t for them.  

Book As Far in Advance as Possible

Try to hire a comedian the moment you know you’re hosting an event.  This will allow you to book them in time to ensure nobody else grabs them first and will ensure you have one fewer thing on your plate of things to do.  If the comedian has to drop out with a few weeks left, this also gives you time to seek out and hire someone else, as inconvenient as this may be.

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A Comedian Can Change Everything

The right comedian can change every part of how people perceive your party.  Make this into a once-in-a-lifetime event.