how long should a cover letter be? Read this article to know more info!

how long should a cover letter be
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Everyone wants to impress their recruiter to seek a job in a good company. If you successfully impress your recruiter, the job is yours. Making a good impression on your HR is a necessity. But how to do that? In addition, Being a fresher, you will meet many people who will give you lots of advice. Some will provide you with tips about how to represent yourself and make a lasting impression.On the other hand, some will advise you to prepare your documents well! Keeping the records in a sequence will help you a considerable time, which I agree with. However, I say that you need a good application letter to impress your employer. I know it isn’t obvious! We will focus on the cover letter today! What are it and its uses? Also, how long should a cover letter be?

Mark my words! You will be glad to read this!

Firstly, we will get to know more about the Cover letter. Then, we will enlighten you with a brief introduction about what I am talking about exactly!

What exactly is a cover letter? Let’s find out!

To begin with, it is a document that tells all about the candidate. You may attach this with your job application or resume. A cover letter is an introduction you are giving to the recruiter personally. Also, it covers the reason why they should choose you? Moreover, it would help write all the possible explanations about how you are suitable for the job profile. However, Some people find it worthless to send a cover letter. But, it makes an excellent impression on the recruiter. The cover letter explains how well you showcase yourself. 

Moreover, you will find it strange that some recruiters choose their candidate based on Cover letter alone. They do not even open your documents and make their choice accordingly. Therefore, you should write an attractive cover letter. It should include a personal and brief introduction about you. Introduce them to your educational background. Also, mention the reason you wish to join the organization. Always try to relate yourself to the position you want to seek.

In addition, Some recruiters use Cover letters to judge the candidates. Reading cover letters alone, they reject the candidates who lack the skills they prefer. Therefore, an eye-catching cover letter is essential. We will give you some tips while writing a cover letter and how long a cover letter should be in the next section of the article.

When to send a Cover letter?

One more important thing I would like to add is that you can send the cover letters in two circumstances:

  1. Firstly, you can send the cover letter when there is an official job vacancy. Moreover, You may send the cover letter along with the job application. That will form a good impression as very few do that. That is how the recruiter will remember your name and will be keen to meet you. That means your first impression has already formed. You need to prove yourself worthy.
  2. Secondly, You can send a cover letter to an organization even when there is no job vacancy. The good thing about sending a cover letter without any vacancy will show your bold and confident nature. Half of the work is done here! Moreover, with an impressive cover letter, you can impress the employer. I am sure they will find a place for you in their company.
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The correct way of writing a Cover letter.

To begin with, we understand that a Cover letter is a new concept for you. We are not professional, after all. Therefore, we are ready to help you in the simplest ways. One of the best things about Cover letters is that much creativity is not required. Lucky for the professionals, they need to follow a specific format and some rules. We have a well-prepared design for you which I will explain to you in this article section.

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  1. The headline should begin from the left side of the covering the FUll name and your position. Moreover, on the right side of the headline, Please write these details: Contact Information like phone number, Linked In, Twitter handle, and complete address.
  2. Secondly, you need to mention everything about the Organisation you are sending this letter to. For instance, you can start with “To.” Then from the following line, write the company’s name and its full address

The correct way of writing a Cover letter

  1. Thirdly, it is time for greetings. After you mention everything about you above, Greeting the manager or whomsoever this cover letter is concerned. You can use greetings like Sir/Mam. Respected, Dear, Mr/Mrs accordingly.
  2. Make efforts to let your recruiter know that you are the best option. Make a good opening paragraph telling them why you are writing them this cover letter.
  3. Now is the time to take them in confidence. Relate your job profile to the new position. Or, in case you are a fresher, let them know how your education is helpful for the current position. Moreover, mention all the possible reasons why they should hire you? Try and impress them with your writing skills.
  4. In the end, you must make a good closing paragraph. You can mention that you will follow up after a few days. Also, you may ask them to give you a call in case they want to interview you.

Tips to improve your Cover Letter

These tips are helpful in avoiding any flaws in the cover letter. Don’t forget to read this section of the article. 

  1. Always choose wise words and keep them brief. Do not mention anything out of the topic. A cover letter is a formal application. Do not use Information words like Hi, How are you? Unless You are not familiar with the recruiter. I suppose none of us are familiar with the recruiters. Instead, use words like Hope you are doing great! And then come back to the point at once.use phrases like: I am writing to you as I have heard that your company gives candidates a golden opportunity to be a part of such a respectable organization.
  2. It is not advice; It is more of a request. Would you mind using the correct Grammar? Nobody wants a grammatically incorrect candidate. You should be good with the uses of punctuation and Grammar. Your cover letter is just like a mirror. It depends on you how you present yourself.
  3. No need to mention your educational background or work experience in detail. Keep it crisp. Just mention your highest degree and your total work experience. Moreover, you can mention one or two achievements, but do not brag! Bragging is the sign of a self-centered candidate, which recruiters avoid.

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  4. Your cover letter does not require more than a single page. Therefore, try to cover everything in two to three paragraphs. Do not bore the recruiter. Instead of hiring, he can reject the application. Make it engaging that the recruiter will feel glad while reading. 
  5. Also, Use of formal fonts like Georgia, Ariel, etc., is preferable. This will show your professional skills. Some other tips include using proper heading and making short paragraphs as long paragraphs will make it difficult for the recruiter to read. Use bold and Underline fonts to highlight the critical subjects in your cover letter. As a result, the recruiter will look at the necessary points and decide to hire you. Remember, the less complicated your letter is, the more chances you have to get the job.

That is all about the things you should take care of while writing a cover letter. I hope you are very clear of the concept by now. One other important thing left to discuss today is “How long should a cover letter be? “Time to answer in the next section.

How long should a cover letter be?

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To begin with, it should not be too long. It should be long enough to cover all the qualifications and experience a candidate has. The mantra is to keep it concise. That means to use a few words and tell the whole story. 

Now, it depends on your writing skills how you manage to cover everything and keep it crisp.

 Divide your context into two-three short sections is the best advice one can give. Also, highlight the most important details that you think are a “must-see” info.

A short yet crisp article grabs the attention quickly and creates a long-lasting impression. The power of a good cover letter is that if you succeed in impressing the recruiter, the recruiter will wait to meet you in person. Hence, increasing the chances of your getting the position. No one will stand a chance before you.

When it comes to word count, how long should a cover letter be? Some say it should be at least 500 words. Some say it should not be more than 100 words. So whom should we listen to? Isn’t It all confusing?

How many words?

As per the studies, a cover letter must complete its aim within 250-300 words. You should divide these 300 words into three or four paragraphs. For instance, write the header and greetings within 30-50 words. Then, divide the remaining 250 words into three short sections. In these paragraphs, write the purpose of documenting and your highest degree and education.

Again, mention a proper reason why they should hire you. Afterward, ask to arrange an interview or a meeting. Tell them how lucky you will feel if you become a part of their Organisation. In the end, mention Thank you and the name of the recruiter on the left side. If you mention the recruiter’s name, they will get to know that you have done your homework. You know about the company which will look impressive.


In the end, I hope I have covered everything about writing a good cover letter. Mark my words, if you follow all the necessary steps, you will get the job quickly. To be brief, we gave an introduction. We got to know the format of writing the cover letter. Also, we discuss all the do’s and don’t while writing . Thank you for your time. Take care and be safe!


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