Home misc gingle bell : Get your partner a sexy christmas present!

gingle bell : Get your partner a sexy christmas present!

gingle bell : Get your partner a sexy christmas present!

Thinking of adding a spicy touch to someone’s holiday season? Sex toys can be a delightful Christmas gift, bringing joy well beyond December 25th. Plus, sharing a gift that’s enjoyable for both of you can make your Christmas extra special.

However, giving sex toys as gifts during the holiday season might not be as straightforward as wrapping up a regular present. Picture putting a naughty gift under the tree and having the whole family witness it. Or what if one of the kids accidentally opens it? With a bunch of potentially awkward scenarios, a different approach to gifting these items is a smart move.

No worries, we’ve got your back! This article will guide you on discreet ways to give sex toy gifts and even suggest some fantastic options for the best Christmas presents.

How to Gift Holiday Sex Toys Discreetly

There’s no shame in using sex toys, but it’s understandable if you’d prefer to keep your personal preferences private from the whole family. When it comes to gifting sex toys, keeping it low-key and private is usually the way to go. Here are some discreet ways to make it happen:

Give this special gift in advance

Why wait for Christmas morning? Slide in the surprise a little early! Think of it as a special sneak peek to make Christmas Eve a little extra exciting, just for the two of you. This way you can avoid giving this special gift under the watchful eyes and embarrassment of your family.

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Find your moment! 

Sneak in the gift exchange before the hustle and bustle of everyone gathering around. This special present isn’t for public display under the tree, but more like a secret surprise to reveal at the perfect time. Look for a peaceful moment before the crowd or after they’ve left to discreetly share your gift.

Pique their curiosity with a card!

When giving a spicy gift like a sex toy, it’s crucial to handle the presentation thoughtfully. Ditch leaving it out in the open under the tree to avoid any unexpected finds. Slip it into a card instead! Pen a playful note hinting at the surprise or drop a clue about its hiding spot. This way, you can enjoy the playful anticipation without making it everyone’s business.

Surprise them in the bedroom.

Sex toys can certainly add some spice to the bedroom, making them a fun and unique Christmas gift. If you’ve been thinking about introducing sex toys to your partner, the festive season might offer the perfect chance to do so. A little Christmas cheer mixed with some new toys could be just the thing to start the season off with a bang!

With plenty of discreet ways to give sex toys as Christmas presents, online shopping makes it easy. You can have them delivered right to your door, ready to present in your own special way come Christmas.

Now that you’ve got the inside scoop on discreetly gifting sex toys during the holidays, you might be wondering: what are the best sex toys to surprise your special someone with?

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Top picks for men’s sex toys

Cock ring

Consider gifting a cock ring. These rings are great for enhancing erections, making intimate moments last longer or feel more intense. Whether for solo play or with a partner, they’re a versatile gift.


For some solo fun, a Fleshlight is an excellent choice. These toys offer a realistic sensation and a snug grip, providing an exciting experience. Check out malemasterbator’s Fleshlight for an exceptional gift this Christmas.

Prostate Massager

If your man enjoys exploring backdoor pleasure, Prostate Massager is a fantastic option. Perfect for both beginners and experienced individuals in the realm of anal play.

Top picks for women’s sex toys

Rabbit vibrator

Rabbit vibrators are a timeless classic and a consistent bestseller. Whether your partner is new to these toys or a seasoned vibrator user, a rabbit vibrator is a gift that keeps on delighting.

Suction vibrator

Consider gifting a suction vibrator like rose vibrator for an experience that takes pleasure to new heights. With its oral sex-like sensations, it’s designed to provide waves of bliss, all within a kiss.

Vibrating panties

For those seeking a bit of adventure, vibrating panties make a playful gift. They offer discreet pleasure that can spice up your partner’s day, whether for playful foreplay or a thrilling date night. This gift promises enjoyment for both of you.


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