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Chinese Gen Z Subculture Lovers Prefer to Gather on Soul App

Chinese Gen Z Subculture Lovers Prefer to Gather on Soul App

ACGN, E-sport, cosplay, Hanfu, Lolita clothing… You may feel confused about these words. But for the Chinese Gen Z ers, they are all popular cultures. Highly independent, Chinese Gen Zers are easy to accept new concepts and embrace subcultures. They are eager to express themselves while they desire to seek friends who love the same subcultures. That’s why Soul App could gain huge popularity among young generations. It provides a social playground for Gen Zers to express what they love without being regarded as freaks. It forms a social platform where chinese Gen Z ers can make friends online with these like-minded peers easily.

According to The Gen Zers’ Social Report published by Soul App, Gen Zers chose to use Soul App because it can feed their social hunger better compared to other traditional social apps. With a personalized avatar, they have no need to reveal their true identities on Soul App. As a result, they are more willing to share their true interests and hobbies, the subcultures they love. In a real world where some people still have a stereotype of subculture lovers, Soul App provides a virtual world where all the subcultures can be respected. So Gen Zers prefer to establish virtual but real social connections on Soul App.

Besides, to satisfy Gen Zers’ desire for expression, Soul App has designed a variety of fun, powerful and creative tools for them to create content, share day-to-day lives and express themselves in rich media formats, ranging from customized emojis to casual audio and video stories. It not only lowers the threshold of creation, but also gives consumers more diverse interactive scenes, making people more willing to stay here all the time.

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With advanced algorithms, Soul App builds a bridge for communication by establishing an accurate and efficient recommendation system. Soul App’s “Explore” feature is designed for users to browse through interesting content generated by others. The recommendation system will rank these contents with every user’s interest preference. Therefore, users can easily strike up a conversation with shared interests. These speedy algorithm-enabled interaction models cater to Gen Zers’ social needs.

In general, the mainstream social media apps that Gen Z prefers in China can be divided into two categories, content-centered apps, represented by Bilibili, and relationship-centered apps, represented by Soul App. An interesting fact is that, Gen Zers are not only app users, but also app shapers. 

With the fast development of technologies, the social media apps may develop beyond our imagination. But it is foreseeable that interest-based social networks represented by Soul App will play an important role in the future.


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