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Youtube Premium APK – Download Now!

Youtube Premium APK mod 2020 is now available for download and has gained the highest attention of users among the entertainment industry. To begin with, in a few decades, Youtube has advanced in various ways, however, what Youtube premium has to offer is endlessly cheering.

In the 1990s, Youtube users used to go through the trouble of keeping Youtube at the front without having the power to run other applications in their devices such as Smartphones, iPad, and PCs. Voila! Enters Youtube premium mod APK latest version. Now, users have all the power in the world to enjoy music in the background and whatnot! 

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So, today, we are representing the key features of youtube premium APK along with its definition and how to download and purchase youtube advanced APK – a Youtube premium substitute. Yes! As soon as the Youtube premium mod APK 2019 originally came out, several competitors have upgraded their products as Youtube premium APK replacement or substitute. 

Before we go ahead and learn all about Youtube premium APK and top 5 sites like Youtube premium APK, let’s find out some essentials of Youtube premium and its alternatives like OGYoutube, Youtube Vanced Mod, and VidMate. 

Why choose youtube premium APK over any other entertainment platform?

To begin with, youtube in the past few decades has proved its place in the entertainment world. Whatever video that comes to your mind is simply 1-click away from youtube. Hence, without a doubt, youtube is an authentic and well-deserving platform to watch, listen, save, download, upload, and add to the playlist any official/unofficial video worldwide. 

On the other hand, youtube premium APKs are not always authentic and effective. For instance, VidMate is a prominent software among Android users as it allows them to download and save any youtube video for free. But, is it safe? Well! The answer is No! 

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For the most part, the youtube standard version does not allow a user to download any video and save it to his device. But, youtube premium APK gives complete authority to the user to legally download any video from youtube and watch it offline. As said in the statement, youtube premium APK mod 2020 offers legitimate permission to do so. However, if you are downloading a copyrighted or blocked youtube video by using a third party youtube mod, it can lead to copyright infringement, IP Address blockage, and even legal consequences in the times to come. 

Hence, it is essential to note that youtube premium APKpure is a genuine and right way to utilize youtube’s premium services. Therefore, if you are using any top sites like youtube premium apk, do it at your own risk!

What is Youtube Premium APK?

First of all, youtube premium apk service is a subscription-based entertainment service that youtube offers solely. Many users confuse it with youtube premium mod Apks, which are simply a non-paid and duplicate version of youtube. Such as Youtube Vanced. 

By definition, Youtube premium APK is a part of youtube’s latest features. Or, simply, it is a premium version of youtube. Do you remember the times when you could not listen to youtube music in the background? Well! For starters, now you can by downloading youtube premium Apk. Its premium plan comes with numerous benefits for the users who demand 100% entertainment while scrolling down their social media feeds or simply, working from home. So, here’s what you can enjoy with youtube premium Apk download: 

  • With youtube premium APK, you can get rid of ads that disturb you while streaming. 
  • You do not need to keep youtube on the front any longer. Now, you can play youtube in the background and enjoy youtube music. 
  • You can lock the screen and youtube music will keep ongoing. 
  • Download unlimited youtube videos for free and save them to watch later offline. 
  • You can download a youtube music app (separate than youtube video app) and listen to any youtube content in audio format. 
  • Youtube premium apk costs very less than any music premium app.
  • Now, you can purchase a youtube premium family plan to run a youtube premium apk account on several devices. 
  • No need to surf for theatre-quality movies on youtube. Rent movies on youtube and watch them at 4k HD video quality for 100% entertainment experience. 
  • You can enjoy unlimited youtube original videos, music, web series, and short films for free without any ads or rental charges. 

Youtube Premium APK Pricing

Now download youtube and start a 30-days free trial. Further, purchase a youtube premium individual plan for just $11.99/month. Add $6/month and enjoy youtube premium Apk with your family and friends. Visit: https://www.youtube.com/premium.

How to download Youtube Premium APK Original version?

Follow the given stepwise instructions to download youtube premium APK:

  1. Go to youtube.com.
  2. Click on the youtube menu on the left side.
  3. Observe the “More from Youtube” list.
  4. Select Youtube Premium.
  5. Click on “Get youtube premium.”
  6. Start your free 30-days trial on youtube. 
  7. Once the trial ends, select a subscription plan.
  8. To enjoy music separately, download youtube music premium App from Playstore on your Android and other operating system based smartphones like iPhone, Notepad, iOS Mac, Linux, and whatnot!
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Top 5 Youtube Premium Apk Mod 2020

Youtube Vanced

Youtube Vanced Apk is one and only the highest competitor of youtube. From functioning like youtube to giving access to all verified youtube videos, one can enjoy endlessly without paying anything.

Site Link: https://vanced.app 

Download Youtube Vanced: https://github.com/YTVanced/VancedManager/releases/latest/download/manager.apk 

Youtube Vanced Pricing: $0.00

top sites like youtube premium apk
Image credit: youtube Vanced official website

Key Features:

  • Blocks all pop-up ads on the youtube video.
  • Play youtube music in the background. 
  • Gives access to youtube original content.
  • Now experience streaming videos faster and privacy encrypted on youtube vanced. 
  • Download youtube videos and save to personal devices.
  • Supportive URL-links on several prominent youtube video convertors. 
  • SAI-supportive for easy download. 

Cons of Youtube Vanced:

  • Automatic subtitles are not available.
  • Sometimes videos automatically repeat for no given reason.
  • Youtube video minimize style is confusing. 


If you are wondering how to get a youtube premium for free forever? Here’s an idea – Download OGYoutube for Android now! 

Site Link: https://ogyoutube.en.uptodown.com/android 

OGYoutube is one of the most downloaded youtube premium apk download uptodown applications. With this application, you can view videos in over 42 languages including English. Not only this, but it allows you to download youtube videos in either video or audio formats as well. You can also adjust video quality to save mobile data on android and play original youtube videos offline. 

youtube premium apk mod 2020 free
Image credit: Uptodown

Key features:

  • Run youtube videos in the background.
  • Download and watch videos offline or Airplane mode. 
  • Get free access to paid/rental youtube videos.
  • Change video and audio quality while downloading.
  • Create a seperate playlist for your favorite videos. 


  • Apps may crash or may not open often.
  • Download may get interrupted.
  • Only available for Android devices. 
  • The App may go against the youtube policies. 
  • Takes a lot of phone space or demand storage clearing from time-to-time.

Youtube GO

To begin with, youtubeGo is an all-rounding youtube premium apk mod 2020 alternative. It is very easily downloadable and adjusts to the user’s needs. You can preview videos before downloading and set video and audio format/quality according to your desire. It does not demand any storage clearing or subscription for accessing youtube original videos. Download youtubeGo now – https://www.youtubego.com/.

Youtube 2020 premium
Image credit: youtubeGO
  • Share videos with your family and friends. 
  • Get the first look of a youtube video before downloading.
  • Upload Youtube Video on your youtube channel without putting a child lock. 
  • Save videos on your phone or SD Card.
  • Now save your internet data by adjusting video quality and controlling data usage. 
  • Works even if you are in a slow-internet connection area or have less internet speed than usual. 
  • Downloadable in over 115 countries all over the world. 

Cons: Null.

PS: Youtube Go is an original and legal product developed by Alphabet Inc. hence, it does not violate any youtube’s copyright policies. 


Are you looking for an open-source youtube premium apk mod 2020? No need to research anymore because NewPipe by Schabi is here. And, according to its users’ reviews at the global level, it is the fastest youtube’s free client service providing applications for Android users. 

Site Link: https://newpipe.schabi.org/#downloads 

sites like youtube premium apk
Image credit: NewPipe youtube

To begin with, NewPipe is an effective choice as it takes very little of the device’s battery, internet, and storage. Likewise any top youtube alternative apps, it also promises to deliver several format-based choices. But, the following features of NewPipe are quite unique:

  • Store downloaded content directly to your device.
  • Doesn’t ask for contact information or location access.
  • Blocks Google APIs.
  • No Ads.
  • Bookmark your favorite videos.


  • Asks for donations.
  • You may receive donation reminders.
  • The user interface remains a little different from the original youtube. 


Flytube on uptodown youtube apk mod 2020 can do wonders to your youtube video downloading experience. With 100% free license and interaction capabilities in five languages, this youtube premium apk alternative is mind-blowing. Now, you can subscribe to youtube channels by using Flytube and create your personal playlist. This app allows you to put youtube videos running in the background and work on other apps simultaneously on Android devices.

Site Link: https://flytube.en.uptodown.com/android 

youtube premium mod latest version 2019 and 2020
Image credit: Flycredit


  • Now, Listen to youtube music offline.
  • Keeps audio quality and Airpods’ audio capacity balanced. 
  • Moreover, You can minimize the video and pause it whenever required to. 
  • A free version is also available.


  • Apps may crash sometimes.
  • To get access to Youtube original web series – you will need to purchase a payable fly tube plan.
  • HD video quality and higher may not be available. 
  • Furthermore, It uses a lot of battery power. 


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In conclusion, youtube has now transformed into the highest streaming platform. Thus, top sites like youtube are offering free access to payable youtube content. Therefore, it is noteworthy to mention that the youtube content that you are downloading using a third-party is a part of using illegal services, likewise torrenting. Hence, we recommend you to take youtube premium violation policies into consideration. For more information, connect with us in the comment section. We hope you enjoyed this reading!

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