Types of charges and what can you do about it

Types of charges

It is always advised not to try your luck with the law and always abide by the rules that your country has enforced. Law is something that is keeping your state in order and is providing your basic rights and benefits with a certain list of duties. Law has a big role in maintaining peace in a society as it brings justice to people and judges every human on the same benchmark. Let’s see the types of charges and what can you do about them.

If you are going for a business or a deal, or if you are changing property or adopting a kid, in short, every matter should be completed within legal boundaries and by completing all legal steps. Many times people get into trouble because of not following or completing the legal requirements of a process which can cause you high charges.

There are many types of charges that you can get when you do something illegal such as:

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Insurance fraud charge

If a person tries to obtain benefits from insurance companies by making false scenarios, then the person is charged with insurance fraud. People might wonder who would do such a thing but in reality, officials and learned people such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. all sorts of people are commonly seen in such cases.

People claim to have personal injuries or other issues upon which the insurance is applicable and obtain false benefits and enjoy illegal money. Most of these cases are reported by insurance companies where they charge the person to get their money back. It is very hard to prove that a person has given a fraud statement or scenario as people who plan such things work out every possible situation in their mind and come up with a flawless plan.

But thanks to attorneys and lawyers, these criminals do not slide easily. There are certain conditions given to insurance companies and a set of paperwork that needs to be done to get insurance. Which helps a lot in identifying if something contradicts the other.

Aid a crime

This type of charge is usually considered for people who are found helping someone commit a crime. Committing a crime by yourself and helping someone commit a crime is almost the same thing as you are indirectly causing an illegal action to be done with ease. In this case, the charges will be called aiding or abetting.

The support to a criminal is not always in the form of being present there, it can be a financial or emotional way or in any case where the criminal is at an ease because of you. In most cases, it is observed that the aiding person is not present at the place of crime but is involved somehow.

If you have been charged for aiding and want to find a way out, it cannot be done by yourself self. Always seek legal and professional help. If the law in your state allows, then you can go for a withdrawal defense case and try to prove yourself innocent.

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Bribery refers to seeking assistance from people usually those who are in power and use it as permission to do something illegal. This is a difficult case to prove as usually there are no written agreements for such things, but nowadays there are many possible ways that the situation gets exposed either by voice recordings or by cameras.

A criminal defense lawyer usually deals with such cases if the accused tries to file a case and defend himself.


This is the most common charge that many common people will have faced at least once. Drunk driving leads to this charge and people do not take it seriously. This has no relation with driving correctly or wrong but if you are under a drug influence and driving a vehicle, you are worthy of the charge.

There are specific rules and laws upon which governments decide who to charge and who not to charge depending upon some physical state aspects.

Orange County DUI Lawyer and many other platforms which provide professional DUI attorneys can e found in your area, even if you are not in a situation to go out, these firms are providing online services to aid the process.

Telemarketing fraud

When someone makes money by tricking people into some digital benefits and not only benefiting financially but also making ways to steal personal information to be used somewhere. Many people trick users to scam them for having control over their system and steal their data.

Other than calls, they circulate quizzes and coupons on social sites to make them reach more and more people so that more people click on the links and the scammers get maximum benefits. To save yourself from these hackers and scammers, educate yourself about telecom and digital frauds. Keep your systems secure and protected. Register your devices and essentials according to government regulations. This will help you get out of a tricky situation easily.

Identity theft fraud

This is one of the most dangerous sorts of fraud that you can encounter if you do not pay heed to your data security. Identity theft means that some third person copies your profile and disguises himself as you to commit many crimes which can be of any degree and you would not even know about it.

This theft is usually in the form of stealing fingerprints and important data that is unique to you. Also, this can happen if someone steals your identity and calls other people pretending to be you. Scammers can get financial benefits this way and also steal valuable information and access to sensitive departments.

The victim might even not know about his identity theft for months until the actions of the thief start affecting him. People observe changes in their bank balance or search history or other places which are in their personal use.

Taxation fraud

People who do not pay taxes are charged with this allegation. It is important to pay taxes in any situation because those taxes are not going to be waved off in any form. There are different measures to be taken if you cannot afford taxes, but you have to pay them at any cost. Summing them up will not make the task easy for you.

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Taxes are used for the betterment of the country and to provide facilities to people which is a good cause to give your money. Even if you do not want to, it is a national duty anyway so you have to observe tax record.

Tax frauds are usually placed on those people who do not show their complete income so that they do not have to pay the total tax. Other than this, this allegation is also for the people whose income source is doubtful. If the authorities doubt that the income is being generated from an illegal source, then that person is also charged with taxation fraud, for which he has to prove himself and his income source in court.

Plastic money fraud

This is also a very common type of fraud observed by many scammers as they consider it an easy way of making money without effort. A thief can physically steal the cards in this case or hack them. In both situations, he retrieves the money from bank accounts and causes financial harm to people.

This category also involves someone who knows that a stolen card is being used to buy things. This means that the person was not standing up against the theft and aided with the process. Many people can read the credit card information from electronic card readers which is commonly used at grocery stores and other places.

The punishment and charges for stolen plastic money depend upon the severity of the actions of the criminal.


Many people have proper networks of kidnappers to kidnap children and other people and make money from it. If not money, the criminal is gaining benefit in one way or another somehow.

Every state has its laws for kidnapping and charges against it. According to some states, even parents are considered kidnappers if they take the child without their partner’s permission. This is the case where the parents are separated and one of them has custody rights. Kidnaping should be reported as soon as possible because many measures can be taken after the moments of kidnaping but are of no use if a lot of time passes by.

Get in touch with a criminal defense attorney for this case as well. they can help sort out the charges if you have been mistakenly or baselessly charged with kidnapping charges.


There are various types of charges that you can undergo if you do not follow the state law. It is better to have a basic knowledge of law so that you do not get yourself into trouble. There are many ways to prove your innocence if you have been charged without doing anything. Hire professional attorneys and make sure you keep your data and possessions secure to avoid any digital mishap.