This Is How to Choose the Best Tire Changer for Your Shop

tire changer

If you own an auto repair shop, one of the most common jobs you’ll get asked to do is to change someone’s tires. As such, you need the process to be quick and easy so you can go on to the next customer.

You can’t do that if you don’t have the best tire changer. Having this helpful tool will take out most of the work for you. It will let you fit more clients into a single day.

That is if you choose the right one for your shop. That can be easier said than done. Don’t go shopping for your equipment before you finish reading this guide.

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Types of Tire Changers

There are a ton of tire changers on the market. That’s what makes choosing a good one so difficult. Swingarm changers are the easiest on the wallet.

They’re what you call semi-automatic. It has a quick-change tool, but you’ll have to lock the arm in place and fit it according to the tire that you’re changing.

A tilt-back tire machine is a lot like the swingarm models. The difference is that they are easier to adjust and they can tackle larger tires. Unfortunately, this makes them come with a larger price tag.

These are only a couple of options available to you. To narrow your choice down, there are a few more things that you’ll have to consider.

Air or Electric

When you’re picking an auto shop tire changer, you’ll have a choice between air or electric. The electric ones may be more expensive to buy, but they are cheaper to operate in the long run.


They’re also convenient and easy to use. They take most of the work out of changing tires.

110 or 220 Voltage

Another thing you’ll get to choose is the voltage of the tire changer for your shop. There is a 110 and 220 option. There are pros and cons to each.

The advantage of the 110 models is that they’re simple to install. They don’t pack quite as much power as the 220 ones, however. This makes the 220s safer to operate and they can tackle tougher jobs.


Weight doesn’t always correlate with quality, but it’s no coincidence that the heavier tire changers are usually made out of sturdier stuff.

On top of the weight of the machine, you should also check how durable the side shovel is. The size and heft of the shovel will tell you everything that you need to know.

Choosing the Best Tire Changer for Your Shop

If you run an auto shop, you can’t get by without the best tire changer. Without one, it will be hard for you to keep up with the demand of customers who need a tire change.

There are many different machines on the market. Before you commit to a purchase, check out the weight of the machine. That will tell you how durable it is.

A tire changer is only one piece of equipment that you’ll need for your shop. For more tools of the trade, visit the Automotive section of our blog.