7 Dirt Bike Parts That Require More Frequent Repairing or Replacement

Dirt Bike Parts

A dirt bike is one of the most durable things man has ever created as a machine and vehicle. However, it too has its limitations, especially when you’re riding rough on uneven and dirt-filled terrain. 

Damage to the dirt bike parts will require repair immediately. Failing to do so means you can’t ride your dirt bike, at least not without causing a serious accident.

In some cases, maintenance or repairing won’t do, and you’ll have to purchase new dirt bike parts to replace the old ones. For that, you’ll have to go through a wide array of options available to you at different prices at the parts or accessories shop. You’ll also need to find the right tools.

Before all that, you must know which parts require more frequent repairing or replacing, which is what we’ll be talking about today.

#1 Clutch

You’ll eventually burn through your clutch even if you’re not motor-crossing every weekend. Laying off the clutch doesn’t help prevent those burnouts. It merely delays them. That means the burnouts are inevitable as you regularly ride your dirt bike. 

When you have a damaged or burned-out clutch, you can’t fix it. You’ll have to replace the whole thing. 

Clutch replacements require a change of drive plates and clutch plates, commonly known as the clutch pack. The clutch basket and clutch hub last comparatively longer among the various clutch parts. Quick replacements will be necessary for the pressure plate and springs. 

#2 Piston

The piston has a small combustion chamber on top where the fuel comes in contact with the ignition sparks. That leads to an explosion in that chamber, which forces the piston downward. After the initial combustion, the piston carries out a repeated motion of downward thrust, which allows the dirt bike engine to continue running.

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Because of the explosions above the piston, carbon can deposit on the piston. Cleaning will require you to scrape the carbon off of the piston after spraying it with an intake system cleaner.

Allowing the carbon to stay as it is will lead to poor efficiency. It’ll also increase the fuel consumption of your dirt bike.

#3 Chain

Your dirt dike’s chain is its workhorse. It propels the bike and takes from zero to full throttle in the blink of an eye. The chain does all that while standing just inches above the ground. For that, it has to endure the barrage of dirt, rocks, and a variety of other debris on the ground.

Despite all that, dirt bike chains tend to last much longer than some other parts. These chains don’t usually fail. When they do, it’s mostly because of external damages. It’s unlikely that your dirt bike chain will wear out within months before entirely breaking apart.

Chains wear out much faster than sprockets. However, when the time comes, you’ll have to replace both of them together.

#4 Tires

Dirt bike tires are much more durable than ordinary bike tires. Given the strain these tires have to go through, manufacturers ensure that the tires are long-lasting.

Even then, the tracks can be unpredictable. You won’t operate a dirt bike on a well-paved road. Instead, you’ll be taking to muddy tracks full of dirt, dust, and gravel. These elements are what cause your tires to wear out quickly. In some cases, they will damage the tires to the point where you have to change two sets of tires in a single day or session.


#5 Brakes

Dirt biking is all about speed and braking. So, you’re putting a lot of pressure on your bike’s brakes every time you start riding it. 

Your dirt bike brakes consist of rotors, levers, pads, calipers, lines, and a clevis. They all work together to stop your bike the moment you hit the brakes. When you have to change them, you don’t have to do it all together.

For instance, the pads and rotors give out first. Thus, you can change them and leave the rest as they are. Complete replacements are also common, but they aren’t always necessary. 

#6 Crankshaft Bearings

Crankshaft bearings are difficult to lubricate. When they break, you’ll find yourself with a broken crank or rod. You can’t fix these and will have to replace them entirely. They are likely to break down if you’re riding the dirt bike on surfaces that are full of tiny stones.

#7 Shock Linkage Bearings

Shock linkage bearings sustain your suspensions. They eventually get muddy and require maintenance to prevent a complete failure. These bearings hold out the longest out of all the parts on this list, even in poor terrain.

Each model of dirt bike will have its own requirements when it comes to its parts. Thus, take your time as you browse through the shelves looking for replacement parts.