Things you need to know and consider when buying Marijuana

buying Marijuana

It does not have to be challenging when buying marijuana for the first time. As more regions in the United States of America are legalizing the plant’s use, more people are using it for medicinal or recreational benefits. 

The quality of cannabis will depend on its development. Cultivators take care of the plant when growing and storage before a user can access high-quality products in a dispensary. Some players in the industry like the high yielding feminized seeds to grow products for manufacturing oils. However, there are several factors to consider when out shopping for cannabis products to satisfy your needs. Read on to gain insights on finding the best product for you.

Understand the Plant of Marijuana

When growing cannabis, a cultivator will choose high quality i49 seeds and a location for their cannabis grow site. Choosing the right cannabis grow site is a key consideration when producing this unique plant that touches upon several factors, including plant characteristics, plant size, the maturity period of the plant, yield size, and so on. Understanding what goes into growing this wonderful crop will help you make an informed decision when purchasing cannabis for the first time. Let’s take a look at some of the various strains of the cannabis plant.

Cannabis Indica

It contains high resins, making it sticky to the hands when you touch the buds. The plant is short compared to the cannabis indica. However, the buds, leaves, and flowers are densely populated. The flavour is aromatic, with some smelling like lavender, pine, berries, and others. Cannabis sativa is common with people suffering from lack of sleep, anxiety or chronic pains. Most probably, it is because of its known effect to sedate the user. It also has a relaxing effect.

Cannabis Sativa

Unlike the cannabis indica, this plant’s leaves are sparsely populated on the plant with small buds. Cannabis sativa is considered to enhance the creativity of users as it also energizes them. It is common for artists to use it when making art pieces, and it is also effective in treating people showing symptoms of depression. Some popular tastes to the cannabis Sativa plants are cherry and citrus. 

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A hybrid is a combination of the Sativa and Indica plants. Its effects and flavour are in between what both species can offer. Since they are versatile plants, cultivators gain the habit of cross-breeding the varieties to produce more strains. 

It is critical to have the budtender give you adequate information about the products they have. Knowing what to expect will make the experience better, especially if you are new to marijuana consumption. Now, since you have background information on the cannabis plant, let us look at what to consider when shopping. 

Things to consider when shopping for Marijuana

There is numerous conclusive research on the benefits of cannabis use. It is probably the reason you are using the products. Here is what you need to consider to select the best one for you amidst the many varieties;


It is impossible to know the quality of the marijuana plant by looking at it. The product undergoes biochemical processes to ascertain its components. However, dispensaries will display the quality of products for consumers to see.  The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the cannabidiol (CBD) composition is one of the most significant factors to consider.

The CBD strains do not intoxicate a person, and it is common with medicinal users. There is always a ratio indicated to show its concentration to THC, which gives users the get high effect. However, the standard percentage of CBD in marijuana plants is 4% to 10%. Consumers need to gauge the amount of THC they consume as it is the component that contains the psychoactive effects. 

Consumption Method

There exist different ways that a person can consume marijuana products. The different techniques of ingesting it will have varying experiences for the users.

One of the most common ways people use it is by smoking. However, vaping is gaining popularity among young adults as they consume it as vapour. It is critical to check the temperatures of the vaping device for safety. Edibles are other common ways of people ingesting cannabis. There are edibles to eat and drink alike. Smoking and vaping give an instant effect to the user. On the other hand, edibles will take longer for effect to kick in. 

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Marijuana vendors need to follow set safety and health regulations. The environment in which you purchase your products needs to be a clean one. Regardless of the strain you are purchasing, and it is critical for vendors to handle the product well to preserve its quality.  The plant’s cultivation and storage matters are vital in making the product safe for consumption. On the other hand, a dispensary needs to follow the guidelines on curbing the spread of COVID-19 as buyers visit their shops. Ensure you wear a mask and observe social distancing while at the weed shop.


It is vital to understand the legislation regulating the use of marijuana in your locality. People over the age of 21 are the only individuals who can legally buy cannabis from licensed vendor shops. Ensure to carry proof of identification as it is a must to produce the document when buying in dispensaries. Also, finds the ideal place to consume the product as the federal government still restricts its use in public. 

Other Factors

Sometimes people go through trial and error when looking for the best product to use. The medical health and mental condition of a person can influence the impact of cannabis use on them. However, a person can make the experience better by looking at his general psychological wellbeing. Also, consider your age when purchasing marijuana because the physiological and endocannabinoid systems differ in people.


Before choosing the products that suit your needs, you need to compare between products. Assess the quality of each product to know how it differs from another. Remember, buying from different vendors will give you different qualities of a plant. You can opt to stick to one vendor when you use the above tips in finding the best product to satisfy your marijuana needs.