Street Outlaws Star Chris Ellis Dies at 39 From a Drug Overdose

Street Outlaws star Chris Ellis Dies at 39 from a drug overdose
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Street Outlaws star Chris Ellis is reportedly dead at the age of 39, and the reason is drug overdose. He was known by the household name of Kentucky from his TV character. He took his last breath in Oklahoma City.

According to OKC Medical Examiner, Chris Ellis died on September 9, and the first autopsy was inconclusive. A toxicology report was pending at that time. He passed away while he was at home, states his obituary.

Chris hailed from Kentucky himself and was one of the significant cast members of the Street Outlaws. Since 2013, he has been TV several times, and the last episode aired in 2018.

Kentucky featured in collaboration with his team at Midwest Street Cars Automotive. His co-workers remember the man for his hard work. He was also a jolly person who kept everyone entertained with his sense of humor.

The family reported that Chris was a closely loved son, friend, brother and will be missed. The man is survived by three brothers, three sisters, and mother.

How did Street Outlaws star Chris Ellis die?

Chris Ellis died due to a heroin overdose. Cops came to his house on the night of September 9, and his body was found dead. He was possibly lying dead for many days.

According to the reports, the man was slumped forward. His head was lying on a table that had a metal tool. There was a liquor bottle and a syringe nearby. The syringe had a tiny amount of dark liquid, and the officer reported that he was consistent with heroin.

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As per reports, Chris’s roommate told the police that he saw him two days before the man was found dead. He also said that he kept a check on him all the time. The roommate found the door locked for two days straight and contact mutual friends to come over. They tried to open the locked door and discovered him dead.

The police said that the roommate knew about the drinking problem Chris had. But he didn’t know that he was heavily into drugs. Police also reported that there are no signs of foul play in demise.