3 Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2021

kitchen and bath trends

They’re your home’s two hardest-working rooms. But that doesn’t mean that your bathroom and kitchen can’t be stylish too.

In fact, most households consider their kitchen to be their most important room. As such, the decor should reflect your kitchen’s duality as a functional space and the heart of the home.

And, while you might only spend limited time in the bathroom, aesthetic touches and practical updates can make those morning and evening routines a lot more luxurious and efficient.

Want to know what this year’s top kitchen and bath updates are? Keep reading to find out!

1. Brushed Metal Detailing

From kitchen faucets and pot fillers to showerheads and bath faucets, brushed metal is one of the top design choices for bathroom and kitchen updates in 2021.

While this is mostly an aesthetic choice, you’ll find that maintaining your new faucet is easier if it’s made from brushed metal rather than the super shiny stainless steel of the past. That said, while smears and water stains won’t show up as much on brushed metal, make sure to use only a very diluted vinegar solution for deep cleaning. Anything too strong can cause corrosion on faucet finishes such as brushed nickel.

2. Technological Touches

While we’re on the subject of bathroom and kitchen faucets, another of this year’s top trends revolves around technological advances such as voice-activated faucets. Hygiene is a strong motivator here, although these options are also beneficial for those with reduced mobility or muscle weakness.

These futuristic faucets also allow you to request specific quantities of water. As a result, the clutter of kitchen accessories like scales and measuring cups could be a thing of the past.

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In the bathroom, new smart concepts include self-closing toilet lids and vanities with internet access. Useful, easy to use, and practical, these advances are sure to bring your home into the 21st century with a bang.

3. Bold Color Choices

Bold paint choices have dominated the world of kitchen trends for several years now. White became too clinical, beige too boring, and wooden cabinets felt too old-fashioned. In contrast, unexpected color choices such as claret, navy, yellow, and burnt orange brought new life to our busiest room, making it more of a standout design feature than a functional space.

Now, people are ready to go one step further and combine colors on opposite ends of the color wheel together for a more eclectic and unique feel. Striking examples include candy pink and forest green, terracotta and cobalt blue, and

Don’t think that bathrooms are missing out on the color action though. While bathroom color choices tend to be more restrained, we’re seeing more of a move away from traditional blues and whites in favor of luxurious pinks, greys, and greens to create more of an at-home spa experience than ever before.

Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2021

As these kitchen and bath updates for 2021 show, people are now focusing more on making these functional rooms align with their principles, preferences, and personal tastes.

Whether that means changing your faucets or switching to smart technology, it’s easy to make an impact no matter what your budget is.

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