Important points to keep in mind for being a great boss at the job

points for great boss

People often complain that their jobs are dull and monotonous. Though every job can be like that if one does not have the interest or power to do it every day. But people are bound to work because they have to bear their family expenses. This cannot be changed by any means as people’s jobs are their own choices or necessitations. But being a boss or in charge, there are several things important points to keep in mind for being a great boss at the job that you can implement to make their environment better and not only make them satisfied and interested in their jobs but also make yourself enjoy your time at the office.

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Give your employees our time when you are free. This is not mandatory to be implemented during office hours. If your employee is staying a bit late at work and you do not have anything important, spend a few minutes with him to make him feel comfortable and not alone. Also in office timings, you can spend your breaks with the staff if you want.

Also, while arriving in the morning or leaving at the off time, you should greet your employees which meet you in the way and put forth a friendly nature. This will help you learn more about every person. Learning about your employees will also help you to identify how to tackle specific people. You can then use those tactics to get more and quality work done from each member.

If you have an issue in your office or cabin, instead of staying there, sit with other employees for the time being. This will not reduce your respect or seniority but will make your personality appear more adjusting and friendly to your employees. Also, this way you can monitor the environment and relation of the employees with each other.

Listen to them

Your employees might reach out to you every now and then to inform you about any ongoing issues. Listen to their problems peacefully and do not rush them if you have time. A common psychological factor is that if you hear their troubles with full concentration and interest, and inquire them about other issues, they will automatically feel relaxed and feel at ease about their issues.

Therefore, let them communicate with you. If you maintain a friendly environment, your employees will feel free to share their troubles with you. But if you maintain a strict and slave-like relation with your employees, it may raise many issues for you. People know their rights these days and they will not hesitate to agree to your orders and strictness. If you do not appear accessible to them due to your strict and unfriendly relation with your employees, they might just go on and file a case against you.

Orange County Workers Comp Lawyer and many other local firms are available online which ease their task of contacting professional attorneys even more. So make your attitude lively enough to make your employees trust you for solving your organization or department’s problems. A best practice is to leave the door of your office open so that they do not feel disconnected from your workspace and be comfortable in visiting you in need. Also, if you keep your door open in normal circumstances, then you can close it when you need to concentrate on something or need a little alone time. This way your staff will also know that your door is shut for a reason and will not bother you during that time.

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Compliment your employees

Complimenting people works wonders a lot of times. Even if a person is not willing to do anything, he might get happy and encouraged by your compliments to do that thing. This is a very basic technique people use every day. You can have its full advantage at your workplace as well.

If your department or organization is in direct contact with the customers and you get to hear their feedback, mention them in front of your team and praise them for what good they do. This will make it appear less bossy and strict when you point out their mistakes or assign them long jobs.

Also, making your compliments appear more real and touching, makes them longer and expressive. Instead of using a mere thank you, you can use a couple of words such as “it was all possible because of you” or any such phrases, that are more meaningful than simple gratitude. Praise the employees as a team as well so that they develop a sense of working together in an even better way than before. Picking and complementing a single person should be done occasionally but such repeated acts might lead to individual success motivation which might damage their collaborative spirit.


Trust is a great factor when it comes to making your employees feel at ease in their workspace. If you show them that you trust them and their abilities, they might even strive harder to prove you right and impress you with their work. Trusting them might also lift the burden of many assignments from your shoulders, but make sure that your employee has a slot to adjust that extra work by himself, otherwise, he will consider your comment just as a means to make you accept the extra work.

Telling your employee that they are one of the trusted employees, it will increase their motivation for work and will also make them develop an affiliation with their organization and feel that they matter too their organization when they get to know that they are a reliable member for the higher authorities.


You should arrange functions and gatherings for your staff members to see their friendly side and know them as a person. This might appear difficult for you to maintain your status and friendship with other staff, but in reality, your status will not be affected if you sit with them for a while.

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If your office cannot arrange or afford to go outside for dinners etc., try such things at your workplace with the permission of any higher authorities if present. If you cannot do that either or are shy to take the step for organizing such a gathering, arrange treats for your employees now and then.

If you have a less number of people in your team, you can celebrate their birthday with some pastries and doughnuts and encourage other members to contribute. Once you make such a relation with your employees that they can be at ease with having you at their celebrations, it will make things less awkward and difficult to arrange official dinners and gatherings.

If birthdays are not an option, go for random days when either you finish a long-term project or even without reason, surprise your team members with some treats and make them feel at ease. It will not cost you very much as a single contributor and will also reduce the boss-employee tension.


Aside from other fun activities, you can provide them different opportunities to which they do not have direct access. You can sign up for them to go on the official tour or to visit international presentations and workshops. It will make them feel honored as their boss is making them represent their organization and to have exposure for themselves.

This will not only boost their career-wise but will also make them realize that their company values their skills and abilities and considers it the organization’s duty to enhance them and provide means for every worker to work on his skill set. You can also include them in making decisions for the department and company which will make them feel as if the organization is trusting them enough to follow their lead.

Basic boundaries

Set some basic boundaries for every employee so that all of them know how to behave and have fun at their workplace. This might be difficult for you to organize the rules by consulting your team as you might have a different view of the environment from a head’s perspective. Therefore, you can take opinions from the staff and then discuss them with other higher-ups and other heads of departments and finalize some basic laws and rules for your workplace.

Your organization will have its terms and conditions upon which the worker would have agreed before joining the job but create your own ethical rules which do not contradict any of the organization’s basic laws as it will be a big organizational crime to overwrite the rules by your own will, but agree on some basic moral points and enforce the staff to implement them.


There are several benefits to creating a friendly environment at your workplace which will lift the environment as a whole. A person spends most of his day at work and his nature, therefore, depends a lot on the nature of his work. Therefore, happier and friendly relations with your subordinates will make it less lonely and more productive.



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