How to Protect Car Paint: 7 Effective Tips

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Learning how to protect car paint is simple to do if you use the right materials. Many car owners don’t take the simple steps necessary to increase the longevity of their car paint. They end up having to deal with chipped paint and rusting metal frames.

In this article, we discuss how to protect the paint from scratches and how to protect car paint from the sun. Continue reading if you want to keep your car looking as if it just came out of the paint room.

1. Keep It Clean

Keeping your car clean and practising good car maintenance are two of our top tips on protecting car paint. Dirt and dust can have a sandpaper-like effect on your car’s paint, especially if leaned or pressed on. Over time, this can degrade even the best car paint.

2. Hand Dry Only

To care for the best car paint, you should only be hand drying your car. Using a soft, microfiber towel is an effective method of car paint protection. The soft material is less abrasive than traditional towels.

3. Keep It Waxed

If you want to know how to protect car paint from scratches, start with using car wax. Waxing should be a regular part of car maintenance because it prevents things like dust and tree sap from eroding your car’s paint.

4. Use a Sealant

The best car paint should be protected with a quality paint sealant, a thin layer bonded to your car’s paint. It’s a similar process to waxing, but it tends to last longer. Applying a sealant should be done one to two times per year.

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5. Apply A Protection Film

When learning how to protect car paint, you can’t do better than a protection film. Supreme Wraps installs XPEL protection film, which is an invisible urethane film mean for car paint protection.

6. Know Where to Park

If you don’t have time for frequent car maintenance, parking in the right locations can help. If you’re wondering how to protect car paint from the sun, park your car in a garage or a covered parking space. This will also help protect your car’s paint from harsh weather such as rain, snow, and hail.

7. Get a Cover

If you don’t have a garage or a covered parking spot, your next option to protect car paint from the sun is to invest in a cover. High-quality covers can protect your car from the elements and accidental scratching. However, be sure to avoid cheap covers because these can actually scratch the paint with their rough material.

Know-How to Protect Car Paint

Knowing how to protect car paint using these 7 tips will increase the durability of the best car paint. You can easily achieve car paint protection by investing in the right sealants, films, and waxes. Plus, keeping up on car maintenance will also contribute to long-lasting paint.

For more tips to help keep your car running and looking its best, visit our Automotive section.