How to Lower Car Insurance Premiums

lower car insurance premiums

How am I going to afford $2,300 for car insurance? Wasn’t I paying less than this last year?

If these are the kind of questions racing through your mind, it’s clear you’re feeling the pinch of rising car insurance premiums. Yet, you have no choice. It’s a legal requirement that you must insure your car.

You could do away with car ownership and driving, but that’s really not an option. You need your car every day. The good news is there are steps you can take to reduce what you pay.

Read on to learn how to lower car insurance premiums.

Get a Cheaper Vehicle

There are several factors that insurers use to determine your car insurance premiums. One with the biggest impact is the make and model of your vehicle.

If you’re driving a luxury sports car that costs six figures, your insurance premium will be hefty as well. And that’s before factors like your driving history are considered.

So, if your finances are tight and you’re struggling to afford your insurance premiums, you could consider selling the expensive vehicle you currently own. Get a cheaper car is a sure way to reduce your car insurance substantially.

Take a Defensive Driving Course

One of the primary reasons for insuring your car is so that you can get compensation should it be involved in an accident. Car insurance companies want to determine the likelihood of an insured driver getting into an accident before providing coverage. If you’re a high-risk driver, your premiums will be higher.

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Taking a defensive driving course can help you in your quest to be categorized as a low-risk driver, which is key to getting reduced premiums. As a certified defensive driver, you’ll have the power to negotiate on your premiums and you could secure awesome discounts.

Be a Safe Driver

Taking a defensive driving course is great, but it will not amount to much if you ignore your training and become a reckless driver. If you’re often getting involved in accidents, being slapped with speeding tickets, and committing other traffic offenses, your premiums will skyrocket. In fact, some insurers can refuse to take you on as a client.

Being a safe driver pays. You’ll not only stay out of accidents that can kill or injure you but you’ll also be rewarded with lower insurance premiums.

Shop Around Extensively

How did you end up with your current insurance? Perhaps a close friend or relative recommended the company. Or maybe it was the first insurer you found when you were looking to get insured.

Failing to shop around extensively can be a costly mistake. You need to get quotes from a handful of insurers in your state. Focus on getting quotes from insurers that don’t look at your personal credit history or driving record, such as Direct Auto Insurance in Mississippi.

How to Lower Car Insurance Premiums Made Simple

Car ownership is an amazing experience, but a rising cost of car insurance can dampen it. Don’t let that happen. With this guide, you now know how to lower car insurance premiums without trying too hard.

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