Home Law Here is What to do When You Have Been Falsely Accused of a Crime

Here is What to do When You Have Been Falsely Accused of a Crime

Here is What to do When You Have Been Falsely Accused of a Crime

Have you ever sat down and wondered what a crime is? A very common occurring instance is that people get charged with crimes that they didn’t even commit, resulting in false imprisonment. In other words, people get charged with crimes, but they didn’t do anything wrong. False accusations need to be handled carefully and immediately. Getting falsely accused has one wondering what they should do. It is pretty obvious that hiring a criminal defense lawyer immediately should be one’s instant response to the above-given situation.Here is What to do When You Have Been Falsely Accused of a Crime.

Suppose you get caught up in false accusations and get charged with a crime that you never committed in the first place. What should be your response? You might have heard people telling each other to keep calm on different occasions. Keeping calm is essential for you, especially when you are wrongly accused of a crime you never committed. Read on to learn more about what to do when you have been falsely accused of a crime:

Speak to an Attorney

If you cannot afford a lawyer, the last thing you could do is talk to an attorney who can give you a better insight into the situation. The lawyer is in the best position to tell you the possibilities – they might recommend getting on a payment plan and even negotiating some financial terms to conclude.

Do Not Speak About the Case with Anyone except Your Lawyer

Secondly, you need to stop speaking about your case, including the police. Although you are innocent, no one else will be willing to believe you – as you will be the number one culprit in everyone else’s eyes. Naturally, you will be wanting to argue your case and defend your position to anyone and everyone. Also, refrain from speaking about your case with the accusers, friends, family, and acquaintances of the accusers.

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Do not discuss your case with anyone, even remotely related to the accuser. The bottom line is that you must stop talking about your case. Instead, allow your criminal defense lawyer to take over the case and handle things for you. The professional attorney is aware of how things work out in the courtroom. Hence they are in the best position to take up your case and defend you in the courthouse.

Beware the Confrontation Call

You might have heard about the term “confrontation call” before. The police indulge in a confrontational call even before they charge you with the actual crime. The police will get the victim on a phone call with you in their presence and record the entire conversation. Typically, you won’t have the knowledge that the phone is on the call, while the person playing the victim of the crime will keep pushing you to answer certain questions. This call is meant to incriminate the accused person and can be used later in court against you.

Therefore, you will need to be extremely cautious with whom you talk about the case, and it should be no one else but your lawyer. Anything coming out of your mouth, even if it is something benign, can be used against you.  



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