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Doja cat Boyfriend
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You must know Doja Cat as she is the most popular TikTok artist worldwide. Along with that, she is also known for her Rap works which she has done. And after having a look at her social media, the fans have concluded that she is not shy. She has always been open to social media, and fans know much about her private life. But there is just one thing most of her fans won’t know about. And that thing is Doja cat Boyfriend. There are just rumors which tell the media whether she is dating someone or not. And all these rumors helped the media to clear it out with her and inform the public about the same.

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In this article, we will be disclosing about  Doja Cat Boyfriends and who all got the opportunity to be called the same. Many people have been rumored regarding the same, but only a few of them are confirmed to be her boyfriends. Doja Cat has been open to the media regarding everything except her relationship status. So, it has never been confirmed whether she was committed to someone or not. Here, we will be having a detailed look at the same, so stick with us till the end of the article to know more.

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Whom has she dated?

The major question occurring across the minds of all Doja’s fans would be how many boys she has dated. It is still unknown to the media what is the exact number as they are only aware of the rumors which were spread on the internet and later confirmed by Doja Cat. She has never revealed any of her boyfriends on her social media, but the fans were cruel to know who has been together with her. 

Recently, when Doja Cat was Live on her official Instagram handle, fans heard that someone called her Babe from behind. Since then, it has been rumored that she is dating someone. But the main question is, who is currently Doja Cat’s Boyfriend? After she was called the same, it was just a few seconds, and Doja Cat quickly ended her live stream. This shocked the fans and kept them thinking about who is Doja Cat’s Boyfriend. Let us look at all the people rumored to be Doja Cat Boyfriend. 

Doja cat Boyfriend: Jawny

Doja Cat has been famous for a very long time, and in her earlier days, fans knew much about her. But things have changed a lot, and Doja Cat keeps her things private on social media. Jawny has been the only Doja Cat Boyfriend revealed to the public. And Doja even accepted the fact that he is her boyfriend. But after that, Doja got a lot of fame and did not want the public or the media to interfere in her matters. Due to this, Doja Cat Boyfriend is still unknown to the media except for the rumors on the internet.


When Jawny released his first single, Honeypie, in the year 2019, that was the time when he had impressed Doja Cat. This also made him one step closer to being called Doja Cat Boyfriend. In one interview, Doja Cat said that she didn’t like the song much, but she liked Jawny. Because of this, the couple came close, and their bond increased in the following years. Doja Cat saw the song and told Jawny that she didn’t like the song much. But she also said that she was fond of the way he moved. They started their romance in real life when they started talking on social media. Later, the couple even collaborated to release the song “Anything You Want.” 

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 Jawny and Doja broke up

Fans were happy for both of them. But they never saw that their breakup was also coming. Later in 2020, the couple called out that they quit the relationship. Doja Cat revealed this information first to the audience on her Instagram Live. The fans learned that Jawny is no longer Doja Cat Boyfriend. Fans even started asking her many questions about the same. She replied by saying that things were okay between him and her. There was no drama that happened at the time of the breakup. 

JAWNY on Twitter: "@DojaCat @nattperezz Abort abort abort abort" / Twitter

She also said that things didn’t work out between them, so they decided to go their separate ways. Now, it seems that both of them are on good terms and might even be talking till now. Later on, Jawny was invited to an interview with Elite Daily. In the interview, he revealed that the song, Anything You Want, had been cut from the 2020 album of Jawny, which was about to be released. He even said that he still respects Doja Cat and hopes that she would also have respect for him.

Doja cat Boyfriend: French Montana

The next guy who was rumored to be Doja Cat Boyfriend was French Montana. As we discussed earlier, Jawny was the only boyfriend of Doja Cat, who she revealed to the public. After him, all of the remaining have been rumors, and no one knows about the reality except Doja. It was during September 2020 when the news regarding them dating each other sparked over the internet. People spotted these love birds on a Yacht, and the image was leaked on the Internet. This made the fans think that they would be dating each other.

Doja Cat Calls French Montana Her 'Brother' Amid Dating Rumors - XXL

But it didn’t take time for Doja Cat to reveal that French Montana is not Doja Cat Boyfriend. The next day she posted a tweet on her official Twitter account that they had met each other for a song collaboration. After that, they even released their song together. These rumors didn’t remain long on the internet. The next rumors between them were sparked when they were spotted together again after two years at Adam Zia’s birthday. A few months later, French Montana posted an image of both of them having dinner together. Doja Cat commented on that post, saying, Love You, Brother. So, it can be said that there was nothing between them, just rumors.

 Bree Runway

Yes, you heard it right. If you have been active on social media, you would have heard about the dating rumors of Doja Cat and Bree Runway. It is still unclear to the fans and media whether they had dated each other or not, but the rumors occurred that Bree Runway had been Doja Cat Boyfriend. Their rumors sparked in July 2021 when they posted some weird pics on their social media. Bree Runway posted these images and had a very loving caption for Doja Cat. So, this made the fans think that Bree Runway is Doja Cat Boyfriend

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Who is Doja Cat's girlfriend Bree Runway? | The US Sun

To these rumors, neither Doja Cat nor Bree Runway said anything. But a few days later, Bree Runway posted another image of her having dinner with Doja Cat. This made the fans think that they would soon be confirming their relationship with the public. The caption and the image were posted on the Twitter and Instagram accounts of Bree Runway. On the same day, Doja Cat even posted on her Twitter account saying that she has a girlfriend and tagged Bree Runway to the same. This made the fans think they were together and will make it official soon. But they never did the same, and it all remained as rumors.


Joji and Doja Cat were rumored to be dating each other in 2022. We all know that Doja Cat has been a huge follower of Joji for a long time. Joji is known for his works in the music industry and is also a popular Youtuber. So, the main question which is in our mind is whether Joji has been Doja Cat Boyfriend or not. Fans suspected they would be dating each other earlier in 2015, but that did not have much effect, which was put in 2022. In early 2022, fans figured out what was happening between Doja Cat and Joji.

Are Joji and Doja Cat Dating Each Other? What Is The Rumor About? - TheRecentTimes

Doja started tagging Joji in her tweets, and they started talking. But this time, they talked through tweets, making the fans think there was something between them. In the same month, Joji appeared on his Instagram live and even said that he likes Doja Cat very much. And as we all know, Doja Cat is way too quick to shut down the rumors. So, she took no time to inform her fans that she was not dating Joji, nor he is her boyfriend. And with this, the rumors behind them dating each other also ended.

 Joseph Quinn

Recently, rumors were that Joseph Quinn is Doja Cat Boyfriend. The rumors between them took no time to take over the internet. But this time also, Doja Cat revealed to her fans that they never dated each other. She disclosed this statement in an interview with Noah Schnapps of Stranger Things. Noah also said that Doja messaged her one day to ask whether Joseph Quinn was single or not. This text would make anyone think that Doja was interested in having Joseph Quinn as her boyfriend.

Noah replied to the same by saying a simple No. Then she advises Doja Cat to slide to the message list of Joseph Quinn, and there can be a chance that both of them would date each other. But it took no time for Doja to tell her fans that she was not dating anyone. So, implying the above factors, we can say that Doja Cat wants to keep her life too private.

Doja cat Boyfriend: Conclusion

This writing is all about Doja Cat Boyfriend. Now, you have complete information about whom she has dated and her current relationship. For more writeups like this, please bookmark the page!!