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car body types
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Are you a car person? There are several cars available in the market with different styles and variants. You can buy a car based on requirements. For instance, if you are a family guy and looking for something big. You need a car with maximum space. Moreover, if you like racing or are a professional racer, you need to buy something with the speed of light. However, choosing from the “n” number of options is not an unchallenging task. This article will help you to select the best car for you. We will discuss different car body types so that you can choose wisely. Also, this article will help people to know more about cars who do not know the first thing about cars.

Different Car Body types are here!

SUV makes your family trips memorable! 

If you are planning for a road trip with 7-8 people and loads of luggage, an SUV is the best choice for you. This car body type is popular for driving through difficult terrains smoothly. Also, its capacity to handle a maximum number of people and items makes it an ideal choice for trips and tours. SUVs are family cars and serve their purpose well. 

Moreover, SUVs are often compared with a truck. They often exhibit similar properties as that of a truck. Like a truck, SUVs have a huge upper body that sets higher above the ground.

Also, these car body types have super strong tires that run smoothly in uneven and rough places. This car is ideal for travel, but it is also prone to road accidents. Its huge and heavy body provides a shield against threats that come along the way.

Some popular SUVs are: Mahindra Scorpio, Hyundai Creta, Toyota Fortuner, Maruti Vitara Brezza, Tata Safari etc.

Sedan-class car body type has everything to offer a nuclear family!

The idea of a sedan car is very ancient. Sedan cars have a long body similar to a carriage. It has a closed body design, perfect for a nuclear family. Moreover, it comprises three sectional bodies, a fixed roof, and four doors. This car body type is popular in many countries like the United States, India, Britain, etc. The idea of sedan cars first came to a British inventor when he saw the sedan chair popular in the 17th century.

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Three-box body sedan cars consist of engines in the front, passenger area in the middle, and trunk at the back. Several variants of this car are available, starting from compact to full-size sedans. A liftback is a type of sedan car where the whole trunk can be lifted in an upward direction. Some popular names in this list are Skoda Octavia, Maruti Dzire, Honda City, Honda Amaze, Hyundai Verna, etc.

Hatchback cars are fit for a couple of trips!

Hatchbacks have enough space to adjust your suitcase and your baby too. These cars have a wide space where you can easily keep all your belongings. They are fit for a couple with infants. It has sufficient storage to carry cribs, toys, and much more. Moreover, the back door of the hatchback car body types can be lifted very high in the air. Also, the seats available in the back of the car are adjustable. That means you can fold these seats to make more room.

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car body types
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Moreover, hatchback cars are very popular among the middle-class population. This is because these cars have the best features at an affordable price. All these features make this an ideal choice for middle-class families.

Furthermore, the first-ever hatchback car is Renault 16. This car was launched in the 1960s after the second world war. It became a sensation during the decade. Some of the most popular hatchback cars are Volkswagen Polo, Tata Tiago, Hyundai i20, Maruti Swift, Tata Altroz, Maruti Swift, etc.

CUV(Crossover Utility Vehicle) has a unique chassis!

People might get confused when they see a CUV car body type. This car type’s huge and wide structure often makes you think it is an SUV. However, this doesn’t seem right as both cars have different chassis. The framework of both cars is different. The idea of making an SUV is derived from a truck which makes it heavy. However, the chassis of a CUV car is a uni where all the parts are attached. The uni structure of CUV makes it lighter with more room.

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Moreover, the CUVs have more space and a lighter structure. Also, it has several unique features one can imagine. It has all the comforts essential while driving. CUVs are a combination of wagons and passenger cars. Also, they have low maintenance with manageable fuel costs.

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso, Maruti Suzuki S-Cross, Mercedes Benz E-class All-Terrain, Ford Freestyle Titanium, etc., are some well-known Crossover Utility Vehicles.

Mr. Bean made his Mircocar insanely popular!

If you are fond of Mr. Bean, you must have seen his popular Microcar just like me. They are compact cars with very small bodies. These cars have an average engine capacity, making them ideal for holding not more than two people. The engines used in the manufacturing of microcars were initially designed for motorcycles. Moreover, these cars are very light weighted, and taxes on these cars are very low too. Microcars generally have two doors with less space.

car body types
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Also, some people use the term “bubble car” for this micro-carb body type. However, due to the unimpressive interior and low engine capacity, this car did not win people’s hearts. Instead, people prefer minivans over these cars. This is because Minivans have enough space for two-three people, excellent interior, and affordable price. The famous mini car that Mr. Car showcased in his show was a popular 1977 Leyland Mini 1000 Mark IV model.

Popular microcars models include Badal, Gogomobil, Bajaj PTV, Scootacar, Meera Mini car, etc.

Coupe Car body types will glamor you away!

Are you a huge admirer of sports cars but want something fit for long drives? Coupe car body types are everything you need. They have a sporty look but have features similar to a sedan. Moreover, the coupe car has a solid roof and three-section body design similar to a sedan. Also, coupe cars come in two variants with sloped roofs. It is the design of coupe cars that makes them charming and irresistible. When we talk about the trunk of this car, it is not as small as that of a microvan and not as wide as that of an SUV. The cargo of a coupe car usually lies between a sedan and a microvan.

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Furthermore, this car body type consists of either one or two rows of seats. However, the interior of coupe cars is unique. They have the first row of seats slightly bigger than the seats at the back. On the other hand, couples of cars with one row of seats usually have two doors at the front.

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Some posh cars like Audi A5, Mustang, BMW X6, Mercedes Benz CLS, etc., come in this category.

Minivan car body types look quite the opposite to their name!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we use the term “Minivan.” I bet you’d imagine a small and compact van. To your surprise, its resemblance is quite the opposite. The size of the minivan is as big as a vanity van. People are replacing vanity vans with minivans these days. This is because minivans are loaded with breathtaking comforts at an affordable price than vanity buses.

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Moreover, this car body type can hold eight passengers simultaneously. Their exterior design is similar to that of a vanity van. Its front is similar to that of a regular car. However, it has a square-shaped back a looks like a van. It is like a long and large box sitting on small tires.

You can fit loads of luggage in the trunk as the minivan has enough storage at the back. Also, the minivan has sliding doors, which makes access easier. Nissan NV 200, Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, Kia Sedona, Nissan Quest, Toyota Sienna, etc., are some of the most reliable minivans.

Buy a supercar if you like speed!

If you have a thing for speed, supercars are all you need. Trust me, and supercars will give you a life-changing experience. Also, it is not only about speed. The supercar will give you top-quality facilities, acceleration, and intensity. You will get chills and thrill while handling this car.

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When we talk about this car body type, they have a solid framework with a fixed roof. In general, supercars come with a single pair of seats. Supercars became popular in the 1960s. This is when the world’s first supercar, The Lamborghini Miura, was invented. If we talk about the most popular supercars, Lamborghini Aventador tops the 2022 list. Other supercars include Audi R8, Ferrari 458, Porsche 911 GT3, Ford GT, etc.

Spyder cars have no roof!

Yes, you heard it right. Michelle Rodriguez rode Spyder GTS in the Fast and Furious movie series. She looked charming while driving this no-roof car. It was one of the best roadsters of the century. These cars do not have roofs in general. However, some of the variants also come with convertible roofs.

car body types
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Moreover, these cars are one of the fastest vehicles. The engine lies on the side of the vehicle, which gives high-performance rates. Also, the driver seat is a little setback so that they can enjoy the comforts while driving. 

Some vintage cars like the 1953 Ferrari 250 MM, 1971 Volvo P1800, 1961 Shelby Cobra, 1966 Jaguar E-type, and 1953 Porsche 550 Spyder are the best examples of roadsters cars.

 Isn’t Convertible car body types look elegant?

Convertible car body types are the symbol of beauty and elegance. People love how one can lift the roof up and down at their convenience. These cars became popular in the 60s when the spyder cars could not complete their basic needs to cover the luxury cars. However, due to their impracticality in real life with frowning prices. They lost their charm, and people stopped buying them. Moreover, people, these days prefer larger cars with lots of comforts. Therefore, regular cars with convertible roofs came into the picture. 

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However, it was a unique invention and embedded its name in history. Bentley Continental, BMW Z4, Porsche 911, Rolls Royce Dawn, Ferrari Portofino, etc., are some of the famous convertible cars people adore worldwide.

Conclusion: Car body types

This article has everything you want to know about the top ten car body types. You may choose the best one according to your budget and needs. Thank you for your time. Take care and be safe!