4 Commercial Building Maintenance Tips to Never Overlook

building maintenance

Did you know that a company’s office space can actually impact its employees’ well-being? Whether you own a commercial building or you’re a commercial property manager, your upkeep of the building can impact the people inside it.

If a building looks run down and unkempt, it will be harder to get new employees and customers inside the door. Fortunately, a little maintenance goes a long way.

Keep reading to learn the most important commercial building maintenance tips to help keep your building looking great for years to come.

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1. Inspect the Roof

It’s easy to overlook the roof, but it’s one of the most important areas of your building. You should inspect it a few times per year, at a minimum. When you’re up there, clean out any drains, look for cracks and stains in the materials and make sure roof-mounted equipment is working properly.

It’s best to have a professional commercial roofing company perform a roof inspection at least once a year as well, to make sure you’re not overlooking any potential warning signs. Click for more info about commercial roofing services and how they can help.

2. Service the HVAC System

There’s nothing worse than being in a building that’s too hot or too cold. Help prevent uncomfortable temperature swings by servicing the HVAC system. We recommend doing this twice a year, in the spring and fall to help prepare for the weather extremes of summer and winter.

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You can hire a professional commercial HVAC company to inspect the parts, look for areas of inefficiency, and clean out the ducts to prevent expensive repairs down the road.

3. Inspect the Exterior

A building’s exterior is the first thing that employees and customers see, but it’s another area that’s easy to overlook in favor of more pressing issues.

Start by looking at the sidewalk, pavement, and parking areas of the building. Are there cracks or holes that need to be sealed? Is it time to repaint the lines and markings in the parking lot? Then, check exterior lighting to make sure the bulbs work for safety and security reasons.

You should also look at the facade of the building to look for stains and anything that may need repairing. If the building is looking dingy, hire a commercial power washing company to spruce it up.

Finally, inspect the landscaping to see if it’s time to replace the mulch or trim back bushes. If you live in a cold climate, consider winterizing the irrigation system so it doesn’t freeze.

4. Clean the Floors and Windows

Even if you employ a commercial building cleaning company, the floors and windows can get grimy over time. Schedule a professional carpet cleaning service at least twice a year to get the dirt and grime out of the floor and help prevent odors.

You should also hire a window cleaning service at least once a year to remove smudges both on the outside and inside of windows.

Don’t Skip These Commercial Building Maintenance Tasks

After reading through these commercial building maintenance tips, you know the most important things to do to keep your property in great shape. As a result, you’ll have happier employees and customers, which ultimately can result in more money.

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