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3 Ways to Take Care of Your Kid’s Teeth

3 Ways to Take Care of Your Kid’s Teeth

It’s the parent or guardian’s responsibility to take care of all aspects of a child’s health, which includes their dental health. Neglecting your kid’s teeth can result in tooth decay, cavities and pain, and we don’t want that. Here are three ways that you can take care of your child’s dental health and prevent issues.

As soon as your kid’s teeth come in, you need to start brushing them twice every day. You should be using fluoride toothpaste specifically for children, and only a small amount of it. As your child grows up, get them into the habit of brushing their teeth twice every single day, by not giving in to any protests and by turning it into a routine. You can let them brush their own teeth when they get old enough, but you should supervise their tooth brushing until they’re at least seven years old. This is to make sure that they’re actually doing it and that they’re doing it thoroughly enough. Teach them the proper methods of brushing their teeth by using a mirror so they can see into their own mouths, and by setting a timer on a phone or kitchen timer so they spend a full two minutes doing it.

  • Avoid sugar

All kids love sugar, but so does plaque. Consuming too much sugar in food and drinks is harmful for our teeth in the long-term, and that’s true for children too. It might be easy to think that it doesn’t matter if they get cavities since their milk teeth will be replaced anyway, but bad dental habits can contribute to tooth decay and pain that you don’t want your kids to deal with. To make sure their teeth stay healthy, limit the amount of sugar they have in their diet. Common perpetrators include candy, soda, breakfast cereal and ice cream. Of course they should be allowed to indulge in sweets sometimes, but make sure they don’t go overboard and they don’t have unlimited access to cookies.

  • Make the dentist fun

Regular visits to the family dentist are important when we’re growing up. It teaches both kids and parents how to properly take care of their teeth and helps identify and correct potential issues at an early stage. It also prevents the dentist from becoming something scary and stressful when your child has grown up. Start taking your child to regular check-ups as soon as their teeth come in. Try to make the experience a positive one, by staying in a cheerful mood and making sure your child is rewarded with treats or a sticker afterwards. Always use a dentist experienced in treating children, who is kind and gentle to your kid. This will be really beneficial if they need any dental procedures in the future and teach them from a young age that the dentist is nothing to be scared of.

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The plan for taking care of your child’s oral health should be built on the above foundations. Follow these tips and you’ll have a happy kid with beautiful, healthy teeth. 


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