Reasons and types of domestic violence

Reasons types of domestic violence

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence, additionally recognized as home abuse, spousal abuse, battering, household violence, is a sample of conduct that includes the abuse by one companion towards some other in an intimate relationship such as marriage, cohabitation, relationship, or inside the family. Domestic violence can take many forms, together with bodily aggression or assault (hitting, kicking, biting, shoving, restraining, slapping, throwing objects, battery), or threats such as emotional abuse, etc. Let’s see about the reasons and types of domestic violence.

Reasons for domestic violence

There are many reasons for domestic violence such as:

State of mind

The abuser might not be in the right state of mind, such as being under the influence of drugs. It is a common observation that people under drug influence are most likely to cause such trouble. If a person is holding up his emotions of rage and anger, it may lead him to act like this. 

If a person is already abusive, there is a high possibility that they upgrade their acts to domestic violence and hurt others around them. This will not only cause problems for the abuser, as he may find himself diverging from the normal path and become even more paranoid, but it also might affect the woman. The woman might develop mental issues because of constantly living with such a person.

Financial issues

When people face financial issues to an extreme level, they tend to have very aggressive or annoying behavior with people around them. When a person does not find any way of expressing his anger and hopelessness, he might use his power over his partner to feel a sense of having someone under his control. 

Poverty also leads to homelessness for many women as men kick them out of the houses when they do not find any solution to feed them or when women ask them to fulfill their basic needs. 

Relationship maintenance

When people have a fear that they may lose their partner to someone else or lose them at all, they use the domestic violence tactic to make them stick to them only. They also abuse their partner and threaten them to make sure that they never leave them. This can either be if they have a fear of losing them or a fear of losing someone that you can control or the fact that the person would tell other people about him.

Domestic violence can never be the solution to such relationships. If you want to retain your partner, talk, or try to make the environment up to them. But domestic violence and abuse are never the solutions. It can only lead to divorce and the worsening of the matter.


Sometimes people have an elaborate plan about a person from the beginning and even before marriage, they have a plan on what they want from the relationship. If they ever come across a person which might have done something bad to them or someone else who is related to the person. In any way, if the oppressor’s mind believes that he needs to take revenge for what has happened to him, he might not take sudden and obvious action. His elaborate plan might include taking a related person in his custody and make her suffer.

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This type of person usually reveals himself in front of the other person after marriage and settlement. At that point, the victim becomes confused about the person’s behavior and starts to give him time to observe him and understand what is going on. Also, he might put the plan in front of you to show that you have fallen into a cruel trap where you have become a slave and victim to someone’s power.

Difference of opinion

When partners have different opinions and do not compromise at all, sometimes, it results in domestic violence. This occurs in many cases such as when people belonging to different cultures, religions, or states get married and have different opinions about various concepts.

When people try to make the other partner fall into the same mold as himself, the resistance causes fights and abuse, and violence in extreme cases. This becomes a very big problem when it comes to parenting and raising kids in every way. Their religious beliefs may strike, their social and moral values may differ, and kids will be equally loved by both parents, which makes it difficult for the parents to decide what culture the child will follow.

The feeling of doubt and suspicion

If a partner feels that his partner is cheating, he might want to clear his mind about it. He will either try to interrogate it, investigate it or simply observe it and try to deduce what he is trying to find. If the actions of the partner still seem doubtful, many people might not even bother asking and land straight on the option of domestic violence to make them bear the consequences of their actions which might not even exist but only in the mind and opinion of the abuser.

If there is such a case where you are doubtful about the loyalty of your spouse, the best option is to ask out or investigate in some cases. Other than that, you should try to be at peace with the situation and in no case should be considered domestic violence a solution to the situation.


If women have no idea about what rights they have and what duties their spouses hold towards them according to law, this also leads to increased cases of domestic violence as they do not defend themselves and situations worsen up to physical or any other sort of violence. 

It is better to educate women so that they know they’re worth and stand up for themselves when the trouble begins instead of bearing it till the end. Also, they might know who to contact and what measures to take against the oppressor and his actions to protect themselves.

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Same history

In some cases, if a person is causing domestic violence, there is a chance that he might have seen the same culture and way of living through the lives of his parents. If he has grown up watching his father deal with his mother in such a way, then there is a high chance that he might also do the same as him.

Types of domestic abuse

There are many types of domestic abuse that women encounter every day such as:

Emotional abuse

Some women might not even know that they are being emotionally abused as the oppressor keeps demotivating and questioning the person’s thoughts and emotions. In other extreme cases, the troublemaker might blackmail the woman and threaten her, and make her live a life like a prisoner. Abusers also tend to isolate people and keep them mentally exhausted to feel as if they are having a mental problem.

Physical abuse

Physical abuse might be the most common and the highest category of domestic violence cases that you come across. The abuser in this case might torture the victim physically to keep her under control. Physical abuse leads to mental problems as well. When you are forced to live with someone that keeps you as a slave and you have no point of exit, it might affect your mental health as well.

Please be vigilant about other people around you. Physically abused people might have bruises in visible areas as well which might be a clue for you to inform someone in authority. Also, if you hear any voices or screams around your place, then you should investigate the cause of it.

Financial excuse

In this category, the person usually limits the victim from using any money and keeps all financial matters in his hand. In this scenario, women are usually not even given their basic rights and are never allowed to do or buy or eat what they want as they have no access to money.

The victim doesn’t need to have a job. The victim’s accounts and other assets might be under the control of the oppressor.

Spiritual abuse

If the partners have different religious beliefs, the oppressor might enforce his own religious beliefs and activities on the victim and cause hindrance in what the victim tries to do for her religion. The abuser might also make the victim question her beliefs and feel wrong all the time. 


There are many steps women can take to save themselves from such monsters, but the most important requirement is legal action against the oppressor. It is no more a trivial task to find domestic lawyers. Domestic Violence Attorney in San Diego and other firms are present online to aid the process and provide the facility of allowing discussing your issue with professional practicing attorneys.


There are many categories of domestic abuse and their reasons, but one basic solution to all of this is eradicating such people from society. This problem needs legal action to take place against them and make sure that they bear the consequences of their actions.