How Much Does It Normally Cost to Tow a Car?

Cost to Tow a Car

Car tows are a common phenomenon across the U.S. So common, in fact, that every car owner will find they need their car towed at least once in their lifetime.

However, towing fees can be costly – ranging from anywhere between $30-$600! Many people find themselves slapped with a hefty fee without having enough of an emergency fund saved for the expense. No one really expects towing fees to add up, right?

The cost to tow a car can vary greatly, but arming yourself with the necessary information ahead of time can save you some money in the future. Here’s everything you need to know about tow truck pricing.

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What Is the Cost to Tow a Car?

The national average car towing cost is $109. However, this depends on factors specific to your case. Companies will charge according to the location and car type, which sets most people back $75-$125.

Although prices will differ by provider, the following are typical prices:

  • $35- $125 for 5 miles or less
  • $125-$275 for approximately 40 miles
  • $250-$600 for approximately 100 miles

Many towing companies will work based on a fluctuating rate, factoring in information such as the time of day or holidays.

Difficult terrains like mountains or winding roads warrant an extra fee, as do any stuck cars. This is because difficult extractions often require a winch. The cost in these sorts of situations is typically between $50-$250.


How Does Tow Pricing Work?

Most towing services will charge a base or standard fee, in addition to the overall car towing cost. This can range from anywhere between $35-$100, depending on your provider.

A per-mile fee is added to this cost and typically goes from $2-$5. Remember to check if your car towing company will include the first few miles in their base fees when you’re checking out prices.

What Kind of Services Do Car Towing Companies Offer?

You’d be surprised at how services tow truck companies offer – besides towing of course! Your local towing service may provide you with assistance in the following ways:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Pulling out a stuck car
  • Unlocking a car door
  • Refilling gas
  • Jumpstarting a car

These extra services sure do come in handy – especially when we’re in a pinch. Remember to ask your provider about extra services and associated fees.

Will Insurance Cover My Towing Costs?

The answer to this question lies in your insurance policy and your chosen insurance company. Many insurance policies include roadside assistance for additional fees. However, the insurance often comes capped at between $50-$150 to limit coverage.

Be sure to check out what kind of coverage your roadside assistance offers so that you’re set up in the case of any issues.

Are Car Towing Services Worth It?

Absolutely! Nothing can put a price on your peace of mind. Getting a professional towing service will allow you to rest assured that your car is in safe hands.

Just remember that the cost to tow a car does vary by location, distance, car size, and more. Have a reputable tow truck service picked out so you’re all set to go if you have any car troubles.

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