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5 Home Roofing Problems That Require Professional Help

5 Home Roofing Problems That Require Professional Help

Replacing a roof is a big investment and will cost you thousands of dollars. That’s why when you run into any issues you should avoid further damage and call in an expert to take a look. Not only are roofs dangerous but they are complex.

Are you experiencing issues with your roof? Read on to find five common roofing problems.

1. Roof Leaks

There are lots of reasons that a home might experience a roof leak. From cracked flashing to improperly installed skylights, you want to be sure that this roofing issue gets the attention it needs and quickly. Leaks can cause even bigger problems if not fixed.

If you notice any of the following you should contact a professional roofer immediately:

  • Water spots on the ceiling
  • Damaged shingles
  • Missing shingles

2. Splitting

Surely you’ve heard those cracks and pops that your home makes known as “settling.” This happens to your roof as well. In fact, when the weather becomes hotter some shingles actually expand. This can lead to splitting. If this occurs you run the risk of the entire roof becoming warped.

3. Damaged Fascia or Soffit

The overhang on your roof is a very risky area when it comes to water damage. When water damage happens it can lead to the fascia or soffit completely detaching from your roof. If rot isn’t caught early on, it can spread like wildfire. Animals will flock to this area of your home creating even more damage.¬†When searching for roofing companies near me you will find a qualified roofer to take care of this.

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4. Damaged Shingles

Missing or broken shingles can be hard to notice at first. Even more difficult to see are damaged shingles. This usually occurs after extreme weather conditions. It’s smart to have your roof checked by a residential roofer if you’ve recently experienced rough weather conditions. In addition, too much sun can cause a lot of damage.

When shingles are missing or damaged, it invites water damage and pests into your home. Damaged shingles are among one the most common roofing repairs.

5. Tree Branches or Animals

If you have noticed that there is any foreign object or pest invading your roof’s space, you need to have it addressed immediately. Tree branches and animals can create a lot of damage to your roof and eventually the rest of your home. You’ll need to be sure to cut back any limbs that tend to grow near your home as well. High winds are a huge concern for blowing debris onto your roof.

Get Help with Your Roofing Problems

You should never DIY to fix your roofing problems. It is unsafe for an inexperienced person to be doing such work. If you notice any of these issues you should contact a roofing company immediately to avoid further damage. Your roof is on the frontline when it comes to protecting your home and you should have it checked regularly.

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