Creating an online presence: How the Internet allows us to market ourselves

online presence

There is little doubt that the Internet has been one of the most impressive inventions ever. Since first coming into life as we know it in the late 1990s, it has changed our world in a hugely positive way. One benefit it has delivered has been the chance to create an online presence for yourself and to market yourself as a brand. Of course, you are not limited to one persona as you might create different ones for something like playing games at Caesars online casino compared to the other uses you make of the technology. 

The Internet gives you the ability to showcase the relevant persona to the right audience for maximum effect. In this way, it is also useful for creating a strong online presence to look for work or to progress your career. However, for many personas you have for specific platforms or activities, the central point remains the same. The Internet is quite simply amazing for letting people market themselves to let everyone else know who they are, what they offer, and what they stand for. 

But how does this digital highway enable us to create a strong online presence

Social media

Perhaps THE most significant way has been the invention of social media sites that use internet technology to operate. Instagram is a popular social media site, for example, and has around one billion active users. Other popular sites in this space, like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, have hundreds of millions of users to their name as well. People can quickly create an account on all these platforms to connect with others, showcase their talents, promote their brand, and tell people about things that are important to them. With such a global reach and so many other users to engage with, big social media sites are an easy way to use the Internet when marketing yourself.


When it comes to how the Internet gives us the ability to create an effective online presence, websites are a major player. We all know that sites are like digital real estate and give people an easy way to find you online. They also make it very easy to build your brand and project the persona you want to the world. If you have differing interests, you can create different websites to show them off and connect with specific audiences. As with social media, a website allows you to tell the world who you are, what talents you have, and what you believe in. They can also come in very handy for marketing yourself when looking for a new job or even to increase your authority in your industry. 

Video streaming 

Video streaming platforms like YouTube have many millions of users who log on daily to search for useful or fun content. By posting content that resonates with people on these platforms, you can quickly market yourself and create a robust online presence. The appeal of videos lies in the visual stimulus they bring and a more engaging way of consuming content for viewers. Not only can people see you, but you can also directly talk to them rather than them reading words on a monitor screen. This helps you to find a new, effective way of showing them who you are and what you are about. Video streaming is, therefore, a great tool to market yourself with over the net – either to build authority as a professional in your field or to make a name for yourself on a personal basis. 


Perhaps the last meaningful way that we can use the Internet for marketing ourselves is blogging. It involves setting up an online blog around a particular subject that you then post useful content about for people to share. A well-written blog can become very popular and attract millions of regular followers. Blogging helps you to connect with others around the world who share the same interests as you and to build up an online presence in that niche. It is also superb for marketing your personal brand within the niche and in the wider world. Of course, blogging can also be used by professionals to help market themselves professionally and be known as an expert in their field.

The Internet has given us many ways to market ourselves 

Modern life has changed a lot over recent years, and the notion of self-branding is one such change. The digital world means we are on show more than ever in a personal and professional sense. 

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