How to win at Roulette

How to win at Roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest games of luck. Its history goes back hundreds of years, and famous authors have even written books about it. At first glance, it seems that the game is based entirely on luck. We can’t say that anyone who claims this is wrong, but there are certainly some strategies and tactics with which you can increase your chances of winning, or if you prefer to reduce your losses. This blog will tell you How to Win at Roulette. We present to you some ways to win at Roulette.

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Ways to Win at Roulette

Play for free before you invest. This offers a lot of help to the players, and we are sure you will find it very useful. Many online casinos offer free Roulette, and you can normally participate in the game without betting real money. With this, you can get into the atmosphere of the game, get acquainted with the rules (however simple they are), try strategies, tactics like you do when you make a sport bet, and generally experience a virtual reality, which will bring you closer to the game, without risking your capital.

Better European than AmericanThe rake in all gambling largely determines the chances of winning. If you wonder, how will I win at roulette?” then find the one with the lowest rake. This is the difference between European and American. The second has an additional number, “00”. As the numbers increase by one, your chances of winning decrease. The rake in European Roulette is 2.63%, while in American Roulette, this percentage almost doubles.

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Choose the right online casino. It is more than necessary to always play on fair terms. And if, for land-based casinos, it is visible to the naked eye which ones are legal and where you will get involved, you should be more cautious on the internet. Choose one of these online casinos, which operates legally in the country and is licensed by a serious authority, such as UKGC or MGA. Check if they have a website that offers a variety of games, and it is informative enough to prove to you that they have a team of professional developers, call center assistants, and seo consultancy Also, read in the player forum reviews for the page you have chosen regarding your favorite Roulette and the RNG with which it works. If all this is clear, then play without fear.

Roulette Winnings (Betting Strategies)

Doubling or Martingale. If you play black-red or single-odd, then follow this tactic: if you lose, double the same amount or single-odd, depending on what you have played. Do the same tactic until you win and then return to your original bet. This is the duplication system or commonly known as Martingale. In its application: If you put 5 € in red and lose, you stay firmly in the same color, and then you put 10 €. If it does not come, you continue with 20 €, 40 € and so on. Once you win, you return to 5 € with the same color. Two things to keep in mind are to start with the minimum possible bet that the table allows and see the maximum possible bet that it accepts so that depending on your budget, you know what the limits of the table are and how many series of lost bets your pocket can withstand. 

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Try the Grand Martingale. It works with the same tactics as the Martingale. The difference is this: if you lose, you double the bet again, but this time you add another unit. Your initial bet is referred to as a “unit.” For example: you bet $5 and lose, then your next bet is $10 + $5 = $15.

Use the James Bond system. We will give it to you directly with an easy example. If you have $200, you put $140 at 19-36 (that is, in the big ones). Then you put the $50 at 13-18 and the $10 at 0. If a large number comes, you have a profit of $80; if someone comes between 13 and 18, you will have a profit of 100 €, and if 0 comes, your profit will be $160. The only chance to lose is for the ball to land from 1 to 12.