How to Use Instagram to Raise Funds?


Instagram can be a huge platform to propel fund raising initiatives. Many times attracting as well as retaining donors can be a daunting task. Social media has paved the way for organisations that are looking for ways to raise funds to reach out to a wider audience. Mentioned below are some of the ways how Instagram can be used for various fundraising efforts:

  1. Build Business Account– It is prudent to change your personal account to a business account in case you are looking to raise funds. Put a link in your bio that takes the user to the landing page created for purpose of fund raising

Also, with every social media post, infuse a simple link that takes people to where you want. The profile, visuals on the Instagram handle should all point out to the purpose why you are raising funds. Your profile should bring out the story that you wish to tell. It is not uncommon for even big companies to put in efforts to get followers on Instagram for any fund- raising initiative.

  1. Work on the Right Fund Raising Strategy– Every company has its distinctive fund raising strategy. It is vital to have a clear line of thought. Some use pictures of people in action while some have effective product videos where as some people put interviews. So, in short you should have a clear- cut strategy of what you will do to communicate with people about your goals and mission. The right strategy is the base of successful fund raising.
  2. Use Right Hashtags– Create hash tags that are easy and catch and align with your goal. Apart from common fundraising Hashtags, such as #donate, #charity, #fundraiser, etc come with some interesting Hashtags that people can identify with. Do not have more than 10 Hashtags per post as this confuses people and your post can be viewed as spam.
  3. Power Of Instagram Stories- When you launch your fund raiser or when any event takes place in real time, this is the best time to put Instagram Stories as this will lead to the best outcomes. As per a report on CNBC, Instagram stories have whooping 250 million users each day. So, the reach is actually huge. Also, Instagram has recently come out with donation stickers for Instagram Stories thus making it easier for people to support any cause.
  4. Talk about Your Progress– When you get support for your fund raising efforts to share the updates with your social media family. This will encourage both current and potential supporters to keep the campaign moving ahead. Some companies buy likes to enlarge the reach of the posts.
  5. Pay Heed To Shopping Feature– If at all it is relevant, you must try the shopping functionality of Instagram. In case your fundraiser effort encompasses several products such as bracelets, mugs, etc this can be a wonderful way to attract people. So, these are some of the ways how Instagram can be used as a tool for fund raising.
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