How Different Seasons can affect your Florida car Transport Service?

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A goal for many people who live up north is to be able to retire and have a second home down south in Florida. The harsh winters up north and warm tropical weather in Florida make it a great destination to live out those winter months. The term “snowbird” is used to categorize those type of residents, as most birds fly south for the winter. This influx of seasonal residents can make it tricky when trying to find a Florida car transport company. 

When its time to ship your car to Florida, its best to find a reputable car shipping company who’s experienced with this type of seasonal route.  Everything about this route is based upon supply and demand. During the fall months, the rates to transport cars south go up because of the increase supply of vehicles trying to be shipped on this route. During the same time of year, if you tried to ship your car up north, the rates would be a lot less due to the fact that not many people are looking to ship their cars up north right before the winter seasons. Once we hit the springs season, the rates to ship cars down south will start to decrease due to the lack of supply of cars going south. So, if you are looking for the best rate to ship your car down south, it would be when everyone is coming back north.

Florida has nearly over 1 million seasonal residents that require some sort of Car Shipping Florida transportation service. One important decision to make when booking a reservation to transport your vehicle is deciding if you want to ship on an open or enclosed car carrier. If you have a classic car or a vehicle that’s is in need of extra care, shipping enclosed during the winter months will help protect against the elements. The enclosed option is a premium service and will end up costing a few hundred more than open. The cheapest and most cost-effective way to transport your vehicle is on a open car carrier. These are the types of trucks you see leaving the dealerships.

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If you decide that transporting your car to Florida is a better option for you than driving, it will be in your best interest to find and choose a reputable car transport company. Most transporters give you the option to call or book online.  Make sure if you are getting multiple quotes, to check their reputation so that you are in safe hands when handing over your vehicle to a transporter.