Car Damages: Should You Repair or Replace?

car damages

Every day in America, there are more than fifteen thousand car accidents. Although some will end up being serious, many are minor. However, even minor accidents can cause car damages ranging from tiny to significant.

Besides car accidents, other types of accidents can cause damage to your vehicle. Weather incidents, falling branches, and more can also cause problems.

When your vehicle is damaged in an accident, it’s reasonable to wonder if it’s worth saving. Should you repair or replace your vehicle? Continue reading to learn the best way to determine whether car damages warrant fixing or getting a new automobile.

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Value of the Car vs. Cost of Repair

There are varying types of damage your vehicle may sustain during an accident. Depending on the kind of damage, how bad it is, and where it’s at, fixing costs can range from $20 to $10,000 or more. Generally, it’s recommended you replace your vehicle if the prices to repair are higher than the value of your car.

If you don’t already know the value of your vehicle, you can visit Kelly Blue Book. This will provide you with a value estimate for your specific year, make, model, and mileage. It also takes into consideration various other things to help give the closest possible estimate.

Structural Damage

Structural damage refers to any major dents, cracks, bumps, scrapes, or breaks in the vehicle’s body. Minor structural damage may include a bent bumper or dented door. Usually, minor structural damage is worth repairing.

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Significant structural damage could affect an entire side of the vehicle. Sometimes, reliable professionals can repair this easily, like those who specialize in collision repair at Vivid Auto Body Shop. Other times, it’s more cost-efficient to get a new vehicle.

Cosmetic Damage

Cosmetic damage is minor damage to the paint or other non-structural parts of your vehicle. Generally, repairing cosmetic damage can be replaced affordably. However, there are always some exceptions to the rule.

Part Replacement

Numerous parts help your car run, and any of them can be damaged during an accident. The parts themselves can cost a few dollars or a few thousand dollars. Then, you have to think about labor costs.

If a small part is damaged and needs replacement, it may be worth repairing your car. If a larger part (like the transmission) is entirely shot, you’ll probably be better off replacing the vehicle. As always, you’ll want to consider the costs of repairing versus replacing when thinking about car damages.

More Questions About Repairing or Replacing Car Damages?

It can be challenging to determine whether repairing or replacing your vehicle after an accident is best. Generally, it’s best to weigh the costs of repairing with the value of your car. If the repair costs more than (or is close to) the value of your vehicle, replacement is likely your best option.

Do you have more questions about repairing or replacing car damages?

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