Can tutoring be a career?

tutoring be a career

Tutoring can be an excellent career choice for you if you have always had a passion for it. The most favourable aspect of teaching is that it can be chosen as a career choice both professionally at school or college levels, or privately as a home tutor. Let’s see can tutoring be a career.

Factors to consider before you decide to be a tutor

Anyone interested in choosing tutoring as a career will be more inclined to know the annual or monthly income of a private tutor located in Singapore, a country with a US$1billion dollar tuition industry. They might seek to understand how it all works and what it takes to achieve it. Speaking of which, here are a few factors that should be taken into consideration while choosing tutoring as a career choice, especially in Singapore.

Residents of Singapore prioritise education in the first place. For them, the education of their children is the top-most priority, and they do not hesitate, for even a second, when investing millions of dollars for their child’s education. This is probably part if the Asian values of investing in the younger generation and where one’s chid’s achievement is one’s pride.

  • High demand for qualified and experienced tutors

Over the past few years, the demand for private tuition of some of the most challenging and tough subjects has risen to a significant extent. For instance, JC economics tuition in Singapore have been more in demand than ever.

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Students, who are studying economics, whether as a major or minor, are always in search of qualified and experienced private tutors. This has simultaneously increased the interest of teachers towards providing private tuition. So, if you’re a qualified economics teacher, offering private tutoring could work quite well for you. 

  • High Pay & Earning Prospects

Another reason why private tuition is an acceptable and advisable career option is because of the larger pay scale. As per a survey conducted by Household Expenditures in Singapore, the aggregate spending on tuitions in Singapore is almost around S$1.5 billion dollars. 

Parents don’t mind spending millions on their children in the name of private tuitions just to make sure they pass their exams with the best grades. This automatically increases the chances of a private tutor earning a handsome amount of money per month. Some a earning up to $1million a year and are known as “millionaire tutors.”

  • Be your own boss

In the private tutoring system, no one has the upper hand or the authority to control you or give you orders regularly. You are your own boss and can schedule your tutoring sessions and academic tasks as per your convenience and requirements. This is one of the major benefits of being a private tutor. One can also avoid politicking that is common in the corporate world as well as having to put up with nasty bosses and colleagues. Most tutors run the show completely by themselves, handling all aspects of the work, from marketing to marking to other administrative tasks.

  • High Quality of Life

It is very common to hear school teachers having no time whatsoever for their personal lives. Very often, they have to bring back work to mark and even have their weekend burnt as a result of having to made students’ co-curricular activities (CCAs). It is said that the burnout and quit rates among teacher are quite high.

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In contrast, private tutors have much more control over their time. They decide how many lessons per week they wish to commit to and there are certainly no CCAs to be in charge of. This leads to a high quality of life – sufficient time for recreation, family and vacations.

  • Teaching is a respectable profession

Whether you are a teacher in an institution or a private tutor, the job brings with it a tremendous amount of respect. No matter where you go, you will be treated with the highest regard and honor. A teacher can either make or break a student’s life. Hence, it is a heavy responsibility as well. 

  • Work anywhere

Due to the trend of online tuition, a tutor can possibly work anywhere. This will enhance one’s quality of life, for example, going on more vacations than an average working professional. It is also possible to reduce cost of living by living in a lower-cost locality while serving students from all over the world. Imagine! That could give you an incrediby high standard of living.

Final Verdict

Teaching is a noble profession that comes with a huge responsibility to shape the minds of the future leaders of a nation. There’s honour in being a teacher and quite a wide range of benefits. So being a tutor could bring you loads more benefits over and above that. However, being a tutor is a calling with heavy responsibility  – a decision you should not take lightly.